Can't identify the issue

Necrosis of lower leaves, brown spots on edges of upper leaves. Only on one of my ladies and not both. Also possible white powery mildew present.

  • White Widow, feminized, from The Attitude Seed bank
  • Hydroponics
  • drip system using General Hydroponics Complete Water Farm
  • using RO water
    *pH before filling reservoirs, 5.9
    *pH as of today, 6.3
  • PPM/TDS or EC of nutrient solution if applicable ?huh
  • Indoor
  • Light system, T5 4 tube pioneer light, 24 hr on cycle for vegetation
  • temperate; between 68.9 and 76.4
  • Humidity; ranges from 45 to 58
  • Ventilation system; small fan
  • AC, Humidifier, De-humidifier : not currently
  • Co2; No



Welcome to the forum. You’ll be in good hands here.

Do you know your PPM?


Do you have a ppm or ec meter?


Welcome to the best place you can be! You have the right ppl in your corner. Happy growing :sunglasses::v::call_me_hand:


Welcome to ILGM. Looks like a hint of nutrient burn. Ppm/tds meter is essential in hydroponics. So you know much you’re feeding.


Need more info. What is your TDS? What type of hydro? This is important to know to help you.


I am using a reverse osmosis water filtration system. I do not have a ppm/tds meter just yet.

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Probably then your concentration of dissolved solids is too high. The leaves dont usually burn like that if the nutrient content is a bit lean.

I havent grown hydro yet so you should hang on for a min for those growers to weigh in. @peachfuzz grows hydro I think.


Hard to say without any readings. But most likely nutrient burn.
In hydro you just add minimal nutes at that age. My schedule is 1ml/gal grow a and 1ml/gal grow b.
I use emerald harvest.

Whatever you use probably has a feeding schedule you can follow.

Also 6.3 is to high ph.

What hydro system do you use ?


It could be any number of things. If you are using the drip ring you are going to have problems. If doing DWC how far below the net pot is your water level? Is there an air stone? PH is too high. What is your rez temp?

Work with us, please. Without the info it’s just guessing.


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I don’t see signs of this, but perhaps it’s just not in the pics.

Oh I forgot most importantly

Welcome to the forums !!!


You can see white residue in this photo on the back part of the rezervoir

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No air stone, water level about 2in below rez pot. pH is currently 6.4, water was changed two days ago. Temp today is 74.5 however a couple days ago temp got way too high, 88.8.

Ahh, I was looking on the plant.

Could just be from your hydro solution… I’d wipe it down with some h2o2.

Im using sensigrow a/b. When i mixed the noots (1ml/gal), pH was 5.8. Since filling up my reservoirs, DWC hydro system, the pH has gone up.

That’s just residue from water and nutrients. Nothing to panic about. Clean between grows

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If in DWC the plant gets all of it’s oxygen from the rez water. You HAVE to have air or the plant will drown.

This is about right.

Your PH should be 5.3 to 5.8 for hydro.

This is going to kill your plant, combined with the lack of air stone. Temps should be below 70F or root rot will set in (pythium). If you can’t get it under control you should add a chiller. FYI the higher the temperature the less dissolved O is present.

If you are not running any beneficial microbes like Hydroguard you will be at an even greater risk of root rot.