Cannatrol cool cure? Its a cigar fridge!

Just got mine last Thursday and cannot wait to use it!


Nice sticker collection


They’ve been sitting in my dresser drawer for years. Finally got to put them to some good use.


Thank you for the share.
Interesting, as I wait for my bags to cure.


@Took1-4theteam @pr hey I’m looking at getting the cannatrol…. You guys still liking it? Any issues? Long term review still good?


Nice and thoughtful process there . I dry 5 days sloped into a 10 day cure and is usually is better as far as that fresh taste . But still I think it’s best after sitting in hold another couple weeks after that .

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I’m not sure how far back you read but im the the that bitten the bullet to try and and compmetly changed the direction of this topic . The common outlook was it’s an overpriced wine cooler :joy: then after a year of trying to get a link for us I finally get one , post it , only for it to be taken down . Why someone didn’t say hey I see your putting all this effort in trying to get a link but it’s not allowed is beyond me but I’m really quite bitter over it . Not only have I helped at least a half dozen people become happy owners but because of that cannatrol got 1600x6 that I even know about . Probably another half dozen or more in other platforms . So it boils down to countless hours since Dec of 2022 and not getting one red cent . Yet the other online store I help that does grow equipment between already paid and pending is over 300 since just this January which is not even maybe a 50th what I put in to not get diddly squat . Though having said that I have this thing called integrity . Yeah I have plenty of valid reason to be bitter as f but I’m not going to break my integrity even though it might be deserved cause everyone is profiting off my work incept for me . But truth be told to answer your question yes I still have my cannatrol , I still use my cannatrol , and they may not treat me right but they do have great customer service . So there you have it . Now furthermore the only thing I don’t like about it is that yes it does kinda kill the smell appeal . But what I do to kinda get around that a bit is break open or smash a little bit of the bud in the bag before passing it off to anyone . :+1: And also explain so that they know in the future . Now I know I can’t post links in here and yeah I kinda think that’s crappy but I do like having a journal so I’m not going to purposely break any rules no matter how petty I think they are . What I dont know is if it’s ok for me to share my Facebook or messenger . So if anyone has any info on that they can fill me in on I would appreciate it . Thanks in advance .

Only one I see being petty here is you really. You were given the opportunity to state your case and had all of your questions answered. This forum has been around for over a decade and never allowed anyone to post their personal affiliate links. Now that you made two posts here stating you were attempting become an affiliate we’re petty for holding you to the same standards as everyone else? I think it’s great you took the initiative to do this for yourself. You just can’t peddle links for personal gain here.


Hey dbrn32, would you be able to jump over here and give us a hand? Making an open source drying device -- help us get it right