Cannatrol cool cure? Its a cigar fridge!

Ok I was just wondering . I gave up on asking them to hook me up with somekind of affiliate code or coupon . But I just got done expanding from a 5x5 with 1 growers choice info a 6x11 room with 2 of the new 8 bar mammoth ( those things are beast btw) and a 7x12 room with 2 roi-720s and a 500 watt and 480 watt flexstar .

Started 30 plants and thought to myself I’m going to need a couple more to handle all this . So I started asking all the places I get my supplies fir affiliate links and stuff to help offset the prices of some gear if I can help bring a little more traffic their way type thing . Ledgrowlightdepot gave me a link , sporeworksvid working on 1 for me . . So I was thinking cannatrol should to since I was basically the one who turned this topic around ya know . Seems like I was the only one to have one now a half dozen has one . I just don’t see how it wouldn’t be beneficial to them to hook me up with a little bit of incentive to offer more people in here to get one .

So I’m basically just revisiting things to see what if anything I said may have helped influence anyone to get one so I have something to say hey , look heres evidence of at least a couple purchases. Give me the opportunity for everyone to benefit type thing ya know ?


Very interesting…I was thinking of trying to squeeze in two cycles if I can stagger the harvest. Thanks for the pro tip… Just to be clear…you put in more than the 2.2 lbs recommended but just for the dry…then bag so you can do the next batch…then put them all back in for the cure?

I talked to them at CanaCon in Detroit…and then i popped in on some past threads here. Read some reviews…then decided to pull the trigger.


Ive been wanting to get one of these, just leary because of the price tag. If it were a little cheaper for the size or the size of a basic fridge, i wouldnt hesitate.


All right gents, I don’t have the money and even if I did I don’t know if I could force myself to spend that coin to cure.

I’m still trying to learn this thing, but what I have learned, I’m having a thought about how to build one.

RV fridge cooling unit fitted to a up-right freezer, a vacuum pump, controller 69 pro with VPD, and fans, humidifier / dehumidifier… etc.

We won’t get into why, but I have all those things laying around except the controller. lol

Any thoughts?


Im all for it if it gets the job done :+1: so i just chopped and hung to dry as i was going away for a couple days. I planned it where id get back one day prior to when it should need to go into bags based off the last chop at this time of year. Well lesson learned the hard way no my environment never remains consistent. i come back to 40% humidity and even the main stem is dried out. Miraculously i still smell some terps in the mix so i have them sweating and put a humidifier in the tent. :crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers:

This is where the cannatrol wouldve been a life saver. On the flip side, it would not have held the entire harvest. I feel i along with 95% of forum memebers would definitely have to partial chop plants every few days come harvest time.


Before I heard of cannatrol, I thought about building a 12x16 building using 2x6’s, insulating the crap out of it and use a mini split with a humidifier. It would work, but thats like project 1007, I’m giving away projects, anybody want a Donzi?


Yes , stagger it . I didn’t weigh mine . I just wet trim and put as much in as I could without stacking or buds squeezing them in between each other . The buds can touch but just don’t get over carried away with it .

You want to kind of even things out so if you have some big thick and dense yuck you want to leave a little more space in between then you would small you could touch more together.

Im pretty sure I documented everything with pictures in one of my journals here . If not mistaking it would be " happy with results " topic . So if you have a little time and don’t mind flipping through a little bit of pages you can probably find exactly what I’m talking about in detail .

I’ll do a quick check and see if I can find it and give you a better idea of where to look and tag you in there or something.


If it was the price of a basic fridge I would have 5-6 of these things :joy: . They as are very pricey . But it saved my first grow . I was in a studio apartment and not only was intimated but I just didn’t have the means of getting a 60)60 environment without freezing myself out in the process . So I pulled the trigger on it and ended up with almost 3 pounds of dry bud . Now to be fair about a quarter to half pound was done larf or popcorn bud but still for a first grow was freaking stoked . But yeah the cannatrol made it happen for me so that I was able to have all good smoke out of that whole grow . :+1:


Listen I’m trying to get at least 1 more but I think I need 2 more . That should tell you right there that it works . Yes it’s freaking pricey as hell but it will eventually pay itself off wether your a small grow your own or a small grow trying to make a couple bucks . Obviously if your just a couple plants a year for yourself type of grower than it’s gonna slowly pay itself off over a longer y but if you grow 5+ plants that yeild at least a qp each 2-3 times a year and sell a little bit it will pay itself off the first year or maybe 2 .

Me just started 30 plants if I’m able to afford another 1-2 will pay itself off by the end of next couple grows . So it’s a balance that you have to figure out for yourself .
I like the idea knowing whatever I put in that machine is going to be safe smokable bud . Just check on your product the first couple days because that’s the only time it’s at risk of powdery mildew or budrot . But that 4th or 5th day depending on how much you load it will teach a safe water activity of .6-.65 in which mold and mildew cannot grow or spread . Plus I’m not having to hang dry for weeks then cure for weeks .


Ok yeah it’s happy with results . I’ll tag you , and a couple other people in that topic so y’all can see when I first got my cannatrol. Im not sure wether I had a different topic for most recent grow or not but I’ll tag you in that and the the journal I just started for this new expanded grow as well .

Also just a little fyi . Over the last couple there are about 8-9 different places that I found to be very solid businesses that I don’t get my gear from any place but these places . So did that I just started asking to be one an affiliate so I can try earning discounts to obtain more equipment to expand . I only asked 3 places so far . 1 of them I already have a link for . The other 1 in process of making a link but if anyone is into growing mushrooms hit me up and ill get you hooked up with one if the best quskify spores so packed that it looks like muddy water with clumps of spores . I’m still in process trying to get linked with cannatrol and some of these top tier genetics breeders and stuff as well . But anyone looking for new lights , equipment, soil , nutrients , seeds , spores , etc. hit me up and I’ll lead to the the best places with best prices and solid people that care more about happy returning customers than a quick sale and commission. :+1:. You’ll see me talking about these places way before I even thought of becoming an affiliate in my topics just so you know I’m not some asshole just trying to make a buck . This is my community that I plan on staying in and my reputation matters .

Also one more thing . I’m very busy , I was a homeless heroin addict 6 years ago come March . So I’m not well of financially and work allot to try to have this hobby so I’m not here everyday . But if anyone needs anything don’t hesitate to hit me up , I’ll get to you ASAP . :+1:


@Took1-4theteam Thank you for your thoughtful insight. Someone has to be a leader in a topic…it is likely I read some of your posts. Please tag me on your journal…and I will read thru it. I love to learn from other people’s experiences.


I just received my Cannatrol, haven’t used it yet. I’ll be bookmarking this page, for future reference. I may hit you up for some advice :+1:


I’ll tag you in my newest journal


For anyone else that wants to join us cannatrol owners and know what it’s like to finally be free of worry

  • No more worrying of maintaining a 60/60 environment nor the high cost of electricity to run a/c’s and humidifiers , controllers , space
  • No more worrying if your drying to fast /to slow
  • No more stressing about powdery mildew and botrytis ( budrot) . Once you hit the safe water activity of between .6-.65 spores cannot grow ! Typically about 4 days from time you start the cycle
  • No more burping of jars or turkey bags

Simply place in cannatrol , set your cycle with a few taps of the screen , press start and be worry free to take care of other things in life . :cowboy_hat_face:. Remains fresh at the perfect moisture/ water activity level of your choice indefinitely! Is smokable after 8 days but the longer it sits the better it gets . Leave it on the shelves and come back a year later to still having fresh bud .

If on the fence about it or have questions feel free to hit me up and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can . I usually do updates to my journal at least once a week minimum.

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@dbrn32 so listen man only one time did I have any kind of a problem in this group when I was upset about something and cussed a couple times, not directed at anyone in here and really wasnt that nasty of words but I was asked to edit it and I did without a problem . No big deal .

But in this topic if you go back and read from the start several of folks are now very happy owners of cannatrol cool cures because of the work I put in to change this topics negative and ignorant outlook and viewpoints from those who never even had one to begin with . Ive been trying for a year now to negotiate a discount specifically for the the ilgm community in this cannatrol topic . Now if it was a seed vendor or something of a competitor or whatever I can see that being as disrespectful or whatever but that link is not anything but trying to help the people in this cannatrol topic that wants one for themselves. Nothing harmful or disrespectful to anyone so I don’t see what the issue is . Again I haven’t any problems here but I joined these forums and communities because I see them as a place where people are supposed to help out other people and share the good and the bad . I don’t see the point of not being able to provide something to make someone’s life easier as long as it’s not disrespectful or harming towards anyone . So if you wouldn’t mind would you please explain to me what is so harmful about me trying to make life easier on those in this topic ? Thank you in advance .

I never said it was harmful. It’s just not currently allowed to post things for sale here outside of the approved vendors. And I’m not suggesting you created a problem or anything either. I just fixed the post and moved on.


Ok sure so I guess the next thing would be to ask is if it’s something that would make things easier or at least nit harmful then what is the process to get it approved ? :cowboy_hat_face:

Historically they would have to be affiliate of the forum. We’re not currently seeking affiliates but they could certainly be considered if/when we do.

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So hey I’ve been a part of this community one way or the other for going on a couple years now and have s had a fair share of positive interactions with you . I have an idea brewing that I think would be an excellent idea and good for not just myself and other members but the community as a whole . Id like to run this by you and see what your thoughts are . But is there a way that i can briefly speak with you 1 on 1 not out in the open ?

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Just to stir the pot a little bit…

This forum post was a huge contributing factor in my decision to purchase a Cannatrol.

And now, I’m a Canna Troll.