Cannabis May Reduce Deadly COVID-19 Lung Inflammation

What do you folks think about this?

And this is quite interesting. Could COVID be a compelling reason for the Feds to de-schedule cannabis? I 'spose news at 11:00 for lack of a better analogy.

As always we need to be careful what we read as well, a lot of Fake News out there on cannabis causing respiratory problems that lead to COVID. I can see that with modern strains, but it doesn’t seem to be the case.

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I’m pretty sure I caught covid on new years eve ( or at least the symptoms started) and I’ve been taking edibles everyday and I’m pretty much totally over it, besides a decent amount of phlegm coughed up and a sore throat ,it wasn’t that much worse then a normal flu ( besides it making my skin hypersensitive for 2 days)

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CBD is a great anti-inflammatory substance. I have an autoimmune disorder that creates inflammation in my gut and CBD has been great for it. I take a prescription for the condition and CBD enabled me to cut the dose of the prescription medication by 2/3.


So what’s this condition and what med do they have u take. See if it matches anything to my wife’s.

It’s called lymphocytic colitis, which is like Crohn’s disease. I take budesonide for it. Basically, my immune system is attacking my colon.

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Damn. She has all the symptoms of chromes or ibs but tests all come back normal for everything they check. She was fine her whole life til she had the first kid then all this stuff started happening with her stomach and havnt been able to figure it out since still to this day trying and this lady that worked on her last seems like she is pushing to get this figured out. She is a RN right now for our family doc and I think she wants to show him up lol. She caught a vitamin d deficiency in me and wife both supposed pretty bad which can cause these symptoms she and I both have hers is stomach related and mine is bones muscles headaches sinus issues ect. Reading up on vit d deficiency causes every issue I come across and every issue my wife has there is something about her issues being parts of being vit d defiant crazy. Have u had blood work to see if it is just a vitamin deficiency maybe not caught like what happened with us. Bout to start taking the vit D3 sup later when I pick it up from pharmacy so hoping it takes away my issues. I’ve never been so down in my life like I have been

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I have a blood test that tests for 600 different things every year with my physical. The only way to diagnose lymphocytic colitis is to remove some tissue from the colon (colonoscopy) and look at it under a microscope. I used to have terrible problems with it when I first got it in 2013, but it’s under control now for the most part. The doc tested for all kinds of things that could be causing it, but it didn’t get diagnosed until they took some colon tissue and looked at it.

I take 5000 IU of D3 every day, so I’m definitely not D deficient, but yeah, Vit D deficiency can cause a lot of different problems, particularly with the immune system.

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I was reading on lymphocytic colitis and it sounds all like my wife too. I don’t know if they have checked her for this they did do upper and lower scans colonoscopy with biopsy to check for cancer not sure if they check for the colitis stuff too gonna have to ask the doc. If not she is going back for another anal exam so they can test for this. I did see the biopsy is only way to see this issue. She has been tested for everything that causes this issues without any kind of good news. She takes Omazaprol or something like and this dicyclomine right now. The dicyclomine is what seems to help control the pains in the belly but it’s an anti-inflammatory pill she says I think. The other is for acid reflux stuff

Sorry OP. I kinda took over asking questions but he got me on a good subject that might help my wife out. :joy::joy:

A colonoscopy will find lymphocitic colitis as it shows up as lesions in the colon and the lesions are visible to the physician with the camera. A biopsy is necessary for confirm it. There’s Crohn’s, UC, IBS, celiac, diverticulitis and other conditions that all present the same symptoms. They would have noticed it and did a biopsy if the lesions were present. The symptoms that I had were bad diarrhea, nausea, bloating, and stomach pain.


That’s all my wife’s symptoms. Her upper stomach feeling it swells quite often. She’s had 2 or 3 colonoscopy a with no luck on anything did do a biopsy once I know of from the 2 or 3 times it was done. She’s been thru the mill over this stomach issue she was fine til she had our first kid. After that all this started and been like since. My daughter is 15 now and she’s had 2 other since. Nothing got worse but nothing has gotten better either

Glad you’re ok!

FWIW, a doctor told me to take about 10,000ul/day of Vitamin D a day to fight off Covid and if you think you feel the effects of it coming on as a flu, take 20,000ul/day.

I’m currently taking 10,000ul/day. I’ve had the vaccine (Moderna) but not the most recent booster.