Can you help identify what plant this is? It does look unique

So I’ve been growing in a greenhouse this year and started with 4 Girl Scout cookies, 3 Blueberry and one Northern Light, all autos. 3 of the girl scout cookies took an astounding 16 weeks from start to finish. the 4th one is still going after 17 weeks. First I don’t believe it’s a GSC, because it doesn’t look like the others. I believe it is an auto because it’s flowering. It’s lost all it’s fan leaves, I didn’t pick them they fell off on there own. The sugar leaves are starting to dry up and just get crispy. I haven’t seen a plant like this before and was wondering if anyone out there has. That being said this is only my second year growing, so this could be very common and I just don’t know it. Anyway thanks for any help.


Looks fascinating and I have never seen anything like it apart from maybe Frissan Duck , I hope its a great smoke.
What do you feed her ? pH etc ? :man_farmer:

Pretty neat! Almost looks like she reveged and flowered again. Hope you got strong pruning scissors, that’s a lot of bud sites! :slight_smile:

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Well she’s in fox farm’s happy frog, so nothing for the first month, just Ph’d water (6.5). Then alternated bat guano, Ph water and fox farm plant food. Once she started to flower I went to seagull guano, Big Bloom and Tiger bloom alternating every other one with Ph water. Once she’s a week from harvest I’ll do just the Ph water. Being in the green house they def need watering every day. It’s 6 x 8 and i built a cedar flooring to attach it to and put wheels on it so I could pull it into the barn for the winter. I have 2 fans running in there all the time, and it’s gotten as high as 130 in there. There’s an auto window that opens when it get above 70 degrees. it’s a pretty cool setup and works great.

Australian bastard weed? Maybe

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That is pretty amazing looking weed, almost looks like a Shrubbery I’m Tripping off it Right Now :sunglasses:

Looks like a typical Auto getting ready to do her last gifting for you, looks just like my plants don’t worry just sit back watch it grow and enjoy

So just an update. Starting week 18 and still no red/brown pestles, but this thing is getting hugh for an auto. I don’t know how much longer it’s going to take. there are no more fan leaves on it, but it is drinking like crazy. I’m thinking of moving it into the barn and just bringing it out for maybe 10 hours a day, then into my dark office. Maybe that will get it headed in the right direction. Any Thoughts?

I may be wrong, but I don’t think cutting her light like that will do anything other than harm. She’s already well into flower so I don’t see how it would do any good. Sounds like she’s just really happy and wants to grow you some big fat buds.

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TL:DR - let her do her thing. If she’s not ready now, she’s gonna get FAT!

But check trichomes, just to know for sure where you stand.

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