Can you force autos to bud early!?!?

Can you use your lights to force your auto flowers to bud early or do you have to wait on the plant to mature on its own scedule?

Everything I’ve read indicates they are on their own time clock. Kinda like a set it and forget it. I’m very new to this and still haven’t started my first grow yet.

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Yea, I am not planing of trying to force my plants, they are starting to show signs of bud after 25 days from seed. My room is going to get tight, but I’ll make that work, I just wanted to know for the future.

Taster is correct autos are on there own schedule for the most part. I have read where some here extend the veg time with the medium they grow in. You say you are limited on space, have you looked into low stress training? By the way if you need help with anything you can find a grower a use the @ along with there name to get them to your post.

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They are moving along, and space is deff tight lol