Can you clone a clone

I can’t get this question thing under 30 tonite


had to spray apple cider vinegar and put nutrient sticks in soil today. Started to notice the powdery fungis I read about in the online guide. But how long do i treat it with the vinegar?


I started to notice the silverfish Grey stuff forming on the leaves and the tiny bumps too

I put nutrient sticks in cause I was noticing a color change in the middle of the leaves. Like a change in green tone from lighter to darker from middle out

Treat until its gone.

@Warmongral how are things coming along

Things are growing great. Color is back powder color is fading. I couldn’t ask for a better beauty

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Good to hear my friend im here if you need any thing


Hey bud was wondering when pruning for outside plants should I snip the shade leaves

Depends on where you would be taking them from usually from the bottom is no problem

Ok got another one for you. My friend has 8 other clones that are being grown inside of the same gene but theirs is short and bushy where is mine im growing outside and is tall with slight bush. I would have expected theirs to be budding like mine but they are just now into their first signs of pistoling. Any feed back on this would help my friend

Ten days later.

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I’m pretty sure this is a white widow clone

They could have been cloned from plants expressing different genes or alleles

What is the fastest way to dry your harvest

I personally dont look for a faster way of drying. Its better to let it go naturally drying it in a hurry can potentially have an affect on overall taste and high

Ok so im looking at a 10 to 13 day turn over on drying

More like 7-10 days, when the stem snaps shes ready for cure

And which is better in complete dark or outside in the in the open

In complete dark sunlight degrades thc and gives overall weaker buzz

Also I was told if I put in a box i have to burp it. If so how many times a day