Can Trim & Leave In Soil?

So in an attempt to save time… I trimmed my ladies while they were in the soil still. I don’t like dry trimming, and I had a lot of bud rot and WPM to deal with. So I figured this was the best way to trim and inspect.

But I have a few questions I was holding the pros here could answer…

Is this bad to do?

And since the weather is nice now… can I leave them outside in the sun for a few more days before I chop and hang them?

Like would that hurt them now that I removed all the leaves? Or could they benefit from a few more days in the sun in this condition?

I trimmed bc we had that hurricane weather for 6 days and they just couldn’t fight the humidity and temp fluxes. But now that it’s sunny and 60s for a few days I’m not sure what to do.

Thanks as always for the advice!


I’d leave them for another week if you can. Check the trichomes for ripeness to be sure. If they are saying done, chop it. If they are still still clear or only some cloudy, leave it. There’s enough green left for her to last a bit.
I stripped a lot off my indoor ladies in the last couple of weeks, started getting WPM as well. At lights out (or dusk for you!) spray heavily with a 3% hydrogen peroxide and water mixed 50/50. Top side and underside of leaves, buds, everything. That’ll get rid of that for a while (I’ve sprayed mine twice). And then do a bud wash when you harvest. I’m chopping Tuesday, and will strip 95% of greenery off my plant while still in the pot, chop, then do a good budwash and hang from the shower curtain rail for a week.
Looking good! :+1:



No problem. Sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do, even if it sounds unconventional and against what folks say. Normally you wouldn’t totally strip it, but you did to prevent further potential rot/mold (altho a good spray would’ve achieved the same without stripping. No worries tho). So now your options are harvest early or see what she does. Over the course of the next week, I’m sure you’ll be checking them daily (who doesn’t like watching bud porn every chance they get!) so you can monitor how she is reacting and then adjust your course of action in response. If the weather turns to shit, that will play a role in what you do. If she keeps swelling and the weather holds, maybe you’ll let her go for 2 more weeks.
Everything is written in sand, there is no one definitive way things MUST be done! You can meander off the path a bit, but your journey will always end up at the same place. It’s just how many times you stubbed your toes or tripped and fell that determines how things end up at that destination!

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I tried 3 different sprays over the veg / flower stage. Nine seemed to help. I did Growers Ally, Crop Control and the other day Zerotol HC.

None seemed to help stop the bud rot. The WPM it did get under control.

Yeah, don’t know what you can do about bud rot, once that’s in the stems you almost need to cut it off at that point. Hydrogen peroxide works well and is cheap with no nasty residue on your plant. Another spray I use in veg is a shot glass of regular household ammonia to a quart of water and spray at lights out. Kills a lot of things, and gives your plant an immediate nitrogen boost, really good to do if your plants look a little pale and lackluster.
Hate using chemical sprays…

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Hey @Moxyman i think they will be just fine leaving another week to finish up. It would give you plenty of time to flush plant.

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I just did a complete defoliation on my indoor auto a week before harvest.