Can someone please ID my little white dots?

Very small, about 0.03mm. Grid shown is 0.1mm. Spreads quickly every year when my [date=2020-06-02 timezone=“America/Los_Angeles”]field warms up. Leaves turn yellow with small wounds. Please help. 2020-05-30-125309 2020-06-02-134829

Welcome to ILGM forum. I’m a little confused about what we are seeing here. Second pic first, what is that a pic of , is that something you are asking about or what. OK first pic looks like it could possibly be a leaf but not sure if it is. Honestly the white dots on it looks almost like trichomes.


One of the pictures is of a 0.1mm grid. The grid uses the same magnification as the leaf picture, so it serves as a reference to compare the size of the white dots against. The other picture is of a leaf.


I believe those are trichomes. I could be wrong, do they look like this.

Can you show us a pic of the whole plant, and maybe some of the individual leaves.

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I’m going with trichomes. About 99.9% sure. One looks kinda amber as well.

@Bulldognuts That second picture is to show how big those what looks to be trichomes for size comparison. :+1:

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Sick plant on left. We tried Amblyseius swirskii from Works well. One sick plant out of ten. I can live with that. More microscope photos.2020-09-10-154931 2020-09-10-155029 2020-09-10-154947