Can someone help me identify this?

Is this septoria? please help, getting worried.

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First pic looks like a bit of nute burn on the tips. Not too bad.
Second pic. Can you get a clearer shot of the circled area.

And have you checked the undersides of your leaves with a loupe or magnifier ?
Looks like possible bugs.

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I looked underneath, I can’t find anything.
if there is any bugs, how can I deal with that? I don’t want to lose everything, with 3/4 weeks to harvest.

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If you can get a clear close up pic of the back of the leaf and then zoom in it may help.
My first thought is spider mites. And they’re very tiny.
Capt jacks dead bug ( spinosad ) is safe to use up to just before harvest.
Follow the mfr’s directions for mixing.


Big thanks for your help!!

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It’s also available at wal mart as well. Just FYI if you’ve got one handy.
Good luck.

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Thrips? Possibly? They are really small and hang around in a line on the veins of thebleaf when not feeding. They leave evidence of small speckling on the leaf. Either way, tge same stuff should help.