Can is switch marijuana plants from soil to hydro?

What’s the ideal way to switch marijuana plants that have recently germinated in soil into a hydroponic setup? Will this affect the plant in any way?

Take the marijuana seedlings at the football end and dip it in 70*F water to let the soil drift away from the roots. When the soil has dissipated, put the seedlings in the hydroponic unit. If you place them in Oasis cubes, cut a slit that the roots can slide into properly.

If you’re planting in rockwool, pull the cube slightly apart and place the marijuana seedling inside, then carefully push the cube parts together again. Take care not to fracture the roots when using hydrostone. First, set the seedling in place and then softly push the stones around it. With perlite, the bare root seedling can be handled the same way it would be in soil.

Once the seedling is firmly in place, immediately begin irrigating it. Keep the roots watered well, and decrease the light intensity so the marijuana plant won’t be stressed. When kept in an environment with reasonable amounts of water and oxygen, the seedling’s roots should adapt to their new home within a couple of days.