Can I use a ... light for flowering?

A question I get a lot is can I use a LED/CFL/FL light for flowering? Sure you can! Though your yield will not be much to get excited about.

Professional HPS flower lights exist for a reason. You need a lot of light for flowering and LED/CFL/FL just don’t have the penetrating power of HPS.

Sure you can use a T5 fluorescent light to flower! But don’t be disappointed if your yield only allows you to roll one joint :stuck_out_tongue:

I understand that some people want to safe energy and have a magical high yield but that is just not going to happen :slight_smile: Stick to HPS, pay the bill (which is not that high) and you will be satisfied!

Any other thoughts?


I agree totally Claire! :smiley: With the new Digital lamp systems that switch from Metal Halide to HPS, just by changing the bulbs. You get the best of both world. Veg with Metal Halide, and flower with HPS.

One brand I use is IPower. Check them out.

I do like the ease of using a T% for veg because, it allows you to keep the plants smaller and cooler until you are ready to flower, but, for the largest plants and yield, you need HID lamps (Metal Halide, and High Pressure sodium lamps). And; I do not have an issue with the electric bill. The yoeld more than makes up for the electric cost. :smiley:

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