Can I use a good bathroom exhaust fan?

A question from a fellow grower:

Have grow closet 8×8×2’. Using CFLs+ led lighting. Can I use a good bathroom exhaust fan installed on closet ceiling going up to attic to control heat, or do you have a better exhaust fan option? Live in las Vegas.

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yes the largest movement air as possible they make them with squirrel caged motors 4 inch exhaust hope it helps jj

the best is a centrifugal fan with a speed controller ,they are quiet and move a lot of air .i use a 6" with carbon filter ,they have good kits on ebay at hollandhydroponics .

Yes. It is possible to use a quality bathroom exhaust fan, as long as it is capable of keeping temperatures between 70-80f, 20-25c.

iIf you cannot maintain these temps, then you would be advised to get something a bit more powerful.

With that said; A bathroom exhaust fan costs about as much a any decent grow exhaust fan. At least from what I remember. This is why I never used a bathroom fan, even for a small closet grow. :slight_smile: