Can I really grow just one plant this year?

Thank you kindly @JaneQP @Low @Bunger64! I guess once the grow is over, I still have plenty to do with processing the end product!


Congratulations on your great harvest!! Sorry im way behind on my reading lol


Thats amazing


Lmfao I cannot believe I missed this and I’ll take all the blame in the world
I am addicted and fascinated too ,I feel like there’s always something left to learn

The truth tho too is I have learned a ton from you too
It’s super fun ,ok now I gotta go back to this comment and keep catching up ,

Your journals are always so fascinating to me too


Lmfao I’m far behind too still back into September :man_shrugging:t2::man_facepalming:t2:


I’m outta likes for the first time in probably 2 years

But I think I’m going to go shut my tent down and hang up my trimmers

20+ OZ plants ?!?!?
I think In the 3 years I’ve been growing combined harvests isn’t that much
Lmfao ,
I’m not counting the tent tho
I’m talking outdoors .

I need to move to cali


Thank you @tt :slight_smile: I appreciate you being here… late or not :wink:


Now that would be a hoot!!! Just make sure you move close so you and your wife and me and hubby can hang out!!! And if you ever take a vaca here, you guys better look me up!!


Awesome, sure wish you could share that knowledge and skill, with my wife.
Weed intolerant physically (or me, not sure which, TBT).

Fortunately, for me, I process, hang, or work in my lung room (smoking the tastings, testers, or shake). My standard for good weed evaluation, is If I can’t walk or talk (like Mitch McC).
My “tell” for THC present is I talk or my fingers can type, somewhat.
Enjoy reading your contributions to forum @Caligurl .
Good day and harvest-processing to you.


Sorry, not weed related but just really cool…

My hubby surprised me with this Lion’s Tail plant (Leonotis leonurus… funny… Leo is an appropriate name for a lion LOL)… storm clouds rolling in tonight looked eerie in the pic.

Very interesting about this plant (and I’ve read many other articles… root, stem, bark, leaves and flowers all usable in homeopathic remedies. You can smoke it (mild euphoria), drink it, and use it topically.

From wiki…

Marrubiin has both antioxidant and cardioprotective properties and has shown to significantly improve myocardial function.

Docosatetraenoylethanolamide (DEA) is a cannabinoid that acts on the cannabinoid (CB1) receptor] which has been found in Leonotis leonurus var. albiflora Benth. whole flower extract.

Leonotis leonurus contains several labdane diterpene–based compounds such as Hispanolone, Leonurun, and Leoleorins. C-N

One experimental animal study suggests that the aqueous leaf extract of Leonotis leonurus possesses antinociceptive, and hypoglycemic properties.


Thats a really cool plant ! Your definitely gonna have to play around with that one, extracts and such


I left a couple of small buds on Annie III… and here she is today (yes, I cut them off lol). She looked WAY darker in person! I am beginning to think she is a Sneaky Freaky x Sneaky Freaky (so that would be a Sneaky Freaky? LOL!)

Can’t wait to try her but Annie II is up next for a smoke report. I couldn’t get enough of Annie I today so didn’t sample II

Have a great evening! Storm clouds rolling in at sunset - warms my heart :slight_smile:

… and… they just. keep. coming… !!! :tomato: :tomato: :tomato: :scream_cat: :joy_cat:


Thats just beautiful


Thank you @Bunger64!! I feel so fortunate :slight_smile:


You still have tomatoes?!?? I pulled all my plants this past weekend and then let the chickens run wild in the garden.


We do! It’s frickin’ crazy! There’s about 30-40 more romas that should ripen ok and about the same amount of heirlooms… and WAY more godlen cherries! I haven’t even checked the 4 volunteers in the upper garden for over a week… guess I should.

It’s raining here and cold today through Wednesday so I won’t be going out until that crap stops (I really do love the rain though)

Is it cooling off yet at all down there?


Yes, it’s finally cooling down here, thankfully. It was a little humid yesterday and then rained overnight which was nice to wake up to.

Doesn’t look like we are getting anymore rain until next week. Just cooler mid 60’s weather which is fine with me. I absolutely love this weather.


That sky is making me want to take out my brushes !!! Lmfao I forgot how I think

I want to grow tomatoes so bad ,I mean I’m in NJ we are like famous for those ,and cranberries lol

I want them to make my own sauce . I used to know someone that grew San Marzanos and he would bring me so many ,worth the work of peeling them in my opinion

I just know I will attract those hornworms

That bud pic is really a beauty … I need to try and grow some regs outdoors this coming season


I’m near Sacramento and we have been nicknamed ’Sac-of-tomatoes’

And all of the on and off ramps are lined with tomatoes from them falling off the tucks late August LOL


Lmfao I never knew that