Can I re-use Lava Rock?

I’ve just harvested my very first hydro-garden from my closet. I used a marble-sized lava rock as the medium. How much more use can I get out of the lava rock?


Are you actually using Lava rock, or expanded clay “hydroton”? Either way; You can wash and re-use this product forever.

I recommend you buy some “clearex” or other flushing agent. these flushing liquids will dissolve the salt build up off your rock medium and you can safely re-use it. If you cannot get the p[roper flushing agent. Wash really good with dish washing liquid and rinse thoroughly.

To use the flushing agent. Follow ratio guidelines on the bottle. Probably a TBS per gallon. Rinse offf medium and then put in a 1-2 gallon vessel. Pour clearex solution over the rocks and let soak over night. That should do it. Good Luck

p.s. Some people recommend using diluted bleach. this will kill bacteria, but it is also a “salt” No use trying to wash off a salt with another salt; IMO.