Can I move the soil?

A question of a fellow grower: I need help cannabis plant in flowering top soil is hard is it ok to move the hard soil at the top around? I have coco at the top mixed whit my super soil recipe is it ok for me to brake the soil up at the top whit my hands about 1 itch down? like I said I tryd and I saw vail roots I don’t want to hurt it please let me know asap even when I water it , it just sinks threw the hardness soil at the top?

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Well, the water is supposed to sink through and not sit on top so there’s no worry there. If it didn’t, then you would have a real problem.

But I regularly scrape the top quarter inch or so around, it’s one of my foibles as I believe it helps prevent mold forming on top of the soil, but I wouldn’t go an inch down.

The main thing is “does the plant look happy” as the soil will always settle no matter what and if there’s nothing wrong with the plant then the best option is not trying to fix a problem that doesn’t exist.

Every so ofter i gently use a fork to break the soil but probably only top layer.