Can I just use regular fluorecent tube light for small plants

Hello, everyone help me with this. I have a regular fluorescent tube light fixture that would like to use with my small plants. Would my plants do well under this light?

no you need the right tube for the correct light spectrum the housing will be ok . fish tank tubes can be used for starting .

Hi Timmy, this light fixture came from a office cubicle the fluorescent tube is about 18- 20 inches. can I use this. that is all I have for now. if not, what exactly I need to buy

the “K” is what counts note that veg and bloom are different ! .there are many types ,i use CFL a large compact fluro at 6400k which is great for starting plants with low heat output .The tube/s you have in the light will be wrong “K” but the rest is the same just change them for grow ,in my experience plants don’t flower that well under fluro but grow well.

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Basically, Yes! Simply, You need 6500k for veg cycle, and 2700k for bloom cycle.
I use a T5 setup. That is probably what you have that you described as eing 19-20", and that would work in the beginning. In order to grow successfully indoors; One must be willing to invest in the correct lighting, or must temper expectations of yield.