Can I grow Amnesia Haze in a 63 degree basement

From a fellow grower: My basement is 63 degrees and 52% humidity. Will Amnesia Haze Auto flower prosper in those conditions?

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You’d need to have it a bit warmer for plants to prosper.
75-80 deg F is considered a normal lights on temp for vigorous growth.
Lights off temps about 10 deg cooler.

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I grow in the high 60s during Winter and have had success. Temps track in the low 60s at night. I’m not sure that I would want to take it any lower, as ideal temps are along the lines of what @Oldguy pointed out.


My basement temp is currently 61 degrees

I grow in a 5x5 tent and run 2 315 Watt CMH lights to help raise the temp. When they are on the temp is about 10-12 degrees warmer.

So far my plants are looking good

Yup. My basement is at 62 degrees. Lights out my grow room gets to 62 degrees. Lights on about 73 degrees.


I’ve seen a lot of our Canadian friends using led lights. In summer and the old fashioned mh—hps lamps for thier winter grows to help with that,and they grow whatever they want😎

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The temps in my basement gets about 60. I have had no problems growing, only thing it takes a bit longer to grow. It can be done but ideally warmer would be better if you want to. happy growing

Use a heat mat under them to keep the roots warm. At night. The light should take care of the rest while it’s on

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