Can I cut more veg off now

I’m about to be in week 7. Giving fox farm trio and about to add K and calmag once last feeding is done. Using hlg260. I didn’t have light til flower so she stretched pretty good(dark right now, no pics) with what I used.
I didn’t wanna hack her heavy but now I need everything going into flower. Can I take most or all of the sucker and fan leafs off this late in the game? Ty in advance.
Pics from a week ago.

Defoliation accomplishes 2 goals, which are improved airflow and light penetration. It doesn’t look like your plant needs help with either. My opinion: I’d leave her alone to do her thing on her own. Your plant needs those leaves to produce the sugars it needs to be healthy.


Think It will benefit to use the calmag and K this late? Seem like I’ve got some leaves that match a K deficiency.

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Cal Mag can’t hurt all the way through flower just make sure it’s low or at zero with N