Can I change the smell of my plant

I have a purple kush auto plant that’s flowering it has a sweet smell to it all the pot I ever smoked that had a sweet smell was garbage is there any way I can change the smell to a more potent smell? Plant seems to be growing fine

Each strain has its own smell and taste , honestly if your looking for a specific smell you should look into a strain with that smell. But I have also had the opposite experience I have had bud that looks great smells awesome but has a high like dirt weed. I have also had bud with no smell and looks horrible that would blow your mind.

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Hey @jrbrownthomas happy growing and welcome.
Yeah, nothing you can do to change the fragrance of your flowers. Just like @SKORPION stated. Each plant/strain has its own genetic makeup. What you are smelling are the Terpenes that are hard wired into the plant. It’s gonna grow and smell how the plants DNA tells it to.
How far along is she?
She will most certainly become more pungent over time. But changing the type of smell, sorry bud, no can do. :v:t2:


She’s eight weeks but out of the four she’s the only one that started to flower around 5 weeks