Can bloom burst cause suckers

I was using a 24-8-16 during veg and I switched to 5-16-12 after 1st signs of flowering.
All of my plants,except a strain week further into flower,started producing growth and very small leaves in all node areas.
Some nodes just have two small leaves coming out.Other nodes started new braches and growth.
Within 3 days after nutes it’s no hard to see through plant it has so much small veg under canopy.
My other fem strain didn’t react that way.It just has hairs like the others did before I added bloom burst.
Can adding bloom burst too early cause too much fill in or suckers?
Farmers call them suckers for a small set of leaves might start growing on every node and look like a set of lips.

I don’t think your nutrient regiment is necessarily the cause. What are the strains? Because different strains can look very different.

I think 5-16-12 has too much Phosphorous. NO idea what Bloom Burst is; so I can only imagine it aded more Phosphorous; A guess at best knowing what little do about the total story of your grow.

On the other hand; Phosphorous is needed to expand root growth. So; too much P, would possibly cause so much energy to be used making roots, tat the expanded roots are causing this effect. Just a thought. Peace

The strains that filled in were ww autos and auto mazar.Both strains produced at least 20 new set of leaves within a week but no height gain
The grapefruit sativa didn’t produce any new growths in nodes.It doubled it’s height and bud size increased with a few more leaves on buds.

Sounds like you are describing some pretty typical, normal and to be expected differences between indica dominant strains and a sativa dominant strain. No worries.

Thanks for the tips.
All the new growth is starting to form branches so I think they are fine.