Can anyone tell if these are male/ female

Hello everyone I am just wondering what everyone thinks, are they males or female? That are 5 weeks from germination.

2 mandarin cookies

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Too early to tell. These plants aren’t ready yo show sex.


Not yet.

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Next time you post pics get in code to the node area where the bracts or balls will be. Easier from that kinda closeup.

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As said above :point_up: “to early to tell. :blush::v:

Agreed. Pictures when available, please.
Here are some males.

@Spiney_norman shared a male picture and I stored for learning.


Does anyone use low stress training clips? If so which ones? Are the ones on Amazon ok?

I buy from Coyotecody on ebay

used and re-usable, the ones on the left. adjustable angles.
Not to many kills, if gentle touch is learned. Pipe cleaners tie thru holes, for bend directional control.

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I got these. Are they any good in your experience?

The magician uses the wand. It the magic that works, for the magician, it works.
Good luck. Bad fingers, eyes, and spasms, plaque some of us.

Got no experience with them

When you do, please share or trade,

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Will do

The main issue with any clip is there size and when training is done. If the stem fits in the clip, the clip works. And if it doesn’t, get a different clip. Or, sometimes you just have to figure something out

one of Cody’s adjustable clips

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Is this male or female or to early to tell


Not yet, need a little time to mature :green_heart::metal:

Yeah brother you really gotta wait to flower to know the sex. Be patient he/she will let you know what’s up.

As the others have said, too early to tell.

Is this an indoor or outdoor grow? Inspect your plant closely…It appears that you may have a pest problem. If so, it appears to be early so not too difficult to address if there is a pest problem.

Welcome to the community brother. Very good eye @merlin44 ! I agree it seems like you have some pest and should focus on ipm.

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Outdoors. Been spraying neem oil what else should you use for pests

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I use Captain Jack’s. There are others that know a lot more than I do. @Fieldofdreams @Myfriendis410 @Covertgrower to tag just a few.

I think that outdoor growers (I am not one) must really stay on top of pest issues.


Capt Jacks Deadbug, which is safe to use during flowering. Neem oil is not for use during flowering.

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