Can anyone help never notice this before

Hi guys having trouble with my large auto in flower now 6 weeks into flower it’s in canna soil being fed just canna A&B 40mil with 8mil cal mag 10L water PH 6.3 ppm before feed 900/1000 after feed 500/600 runoff there in 25L pots under 600w hps 16/8 the problem is when I fed them the other day I left the runoff at the bottom of the pan under the plant came to it this morn and there’s are loads of tiny white things moving in the water and iv never noticed them before ever and was wondering if there good or bad living things lol also the growth has stoped at the top of the buds but there is loads of new growth at the bottom as shown

in the pictures

Hey @Skydiver… that’s nothing to do with the nematode problem you had right. Ive never seen that since I clean water immediately but I’d imagine a larvae… Hopefully just squitera or somin… you know @Agrestic

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Normally I do the same but was in a rush I’m thinking lave but wouldn’t they be doo for the soil and plant or the opposite never have I had this before but luckily the pot wasn’t left in the run off and was raised I’ll keep an eye on it but as for the new growth at the bottom should I cut then so growth will go to the top buds as there isn’t much growth at the mo

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oh man i have no idea but do you have any way to magnify them so someone can ID? and take a pic of the buds in regular light?


It looks pretty identical to the problem @Skydiver had. His stopped growing and totally bit the dust. I hope that’s not it but some more pics for sure would help. Keep an eye out for drooping leaves and such.


Without close up of them I am going to venture that they are springertails. Nothing to worry about if that’s what they are. Just watch them in the water and if they “spring” forward in their movement that’s probably what they are.

I had them my first grow and may still have them I don’t know as I don’t water to run off anymore.
My issue was with what I think was root nematodes that caused my plants that were affected to start to droop at the tops like they went limp and then lost turgidity and eventually died. Once whatever it was hit them it wasn’t long before it showed and then they died. I did have another look like the start of the the same issue but Winnie the Poo has since recovered and is flowering like a champ. I lost about 4 plants to that issue and in retrospect it could have been passed between them when they were all in the same saucer and the nematodes migrated from one to the other.

Hope this helps

If they look like this they are probably fungus gnat larvae

If they are you will notice the black spot on the head and will want to treat for them as they can eat the root structure and negatively affect the plants. In my limited experience they are in the top couple inches of soil so it would be doubtful that they would come out with the run off especially in those numbers shown in your pic


Cheers for getting back to me there very active little things I’ll get them under my digital microscope and take pics and upload them they dart forwards and back very fast little things and you say there nothing to worry about so there good for the plant and soil as do they halo to break down plant matter ect I’m new ish to this.


There ya go Gromie… @Skydiver is the man. Glad he could help. It looks like your gonna be okay mate. :+1:


Man, I knew all of @Skydiver ‘s s$$ kickings would help the community!


Nice one for the in-depth report dude much respect and I flushed the drip try with them in but next time I see them I’ll get them under the micro and take a pic it’s so bezare haw the top of the plant looks unwell but there is major nee growth I. THe small popcorn buds at the very bottom there so green and vibrant and that’s been in the last 3 days as I assumed I had a calcium deficiency I new it wasn’t newt burn and sins treating with that iv noticed I difference it looks better but not happy if you no what I mean but the new growth so confusing at time these lady’s lol

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That’s great glad to hear it… maybe a little H2O2 scrub wouldn’t hurt if your gonna clean sine shit - drip trays, what have you! A lot of ppl cut the popcorn off so the plants can focus on its main colas but I don’t think that’s the route you wanna go with. But I don’t know all the specs if the grow, flower time, etc. Good luck man and tag any of us if you need anything else by putting the @ in front of our names and well come running like so @Watters . Oh and I’ve not seen ya around before so welcome to weedsville, pull up a chair and a bong and keep it green! :sunglasses:


@Skydiver has you covered . Them springtails

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If you want your plant to keep growing big buds , flip your light schedule to 12/12 …
I really don’t know why people think that they will get a better yield with an auto with a longer light period… not true …
I guarantee your plant will get back to growing…
With the light schedule you are running right now , it’s at a point where it’s not sure what to do… :+1::wink:
That’s why its stalling out…


Sweet and tbh I’m up for trying any advice given and iv floors a couple of autos to 12/12 but I have a young auto in the grow room a month old and is just shooting yo I can’t really set a new light system as I’m doing it on a budget so I’m stuck for what to do

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Thank you everyone for getting back with advice I’ll keep a close eye on them and report back

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Throw the small plant that you have now , under a couple of fluorescent cfl bulbs and all good…
And flip the big one to 12/12… :+1::wink:

I vegg and clone and germ under a couple of cfls with great results…


I didn’t even catch that… how many of hours of light on/off do you have her set at now. unless I’m reading it wrong peach was asking about light schedule not upgrading it?? I could just be baked… totally possible… lol


Lol I’m with you there my lights are on 16/8 at the mo

Haw do you use the mosquito bits dude do you add to the nutrition feed if so haw much do I use and haw often

I’m looking to but these but would like to know the best way to use them