Can an outdoor plant broken by wind be repaired?

Should I try to graft it to repair? I tried getting my 5 yr old son to hold it up so I could tape it, splint it, and support it, but the 6ft+ tall plant was too big and heavy for him to effectively help

Put some honey on it and tape it up. If you don’t have honey just tape it up.

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I have a Blueberry plant that was split in half by the wind at my initial topping joint. A little duct tape and foliar spray and voila she’s good as new. Trick is to catch it early.


That’s pretty broken but you don’t have anything to lose tape it up and hope for the best

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Thank you.

Wow! That blueberry recovered beautifully. Ty.

That’s my thoughts exactly. I think I’ve devised a way to support it, by fitting a piece of 2 inch water pipe over each end of the stalk while I’m working on it, and cutting the 2 surfaces to match better, but it may be too late already. On the brighter side, the few bottom branches below the break were undamaged and are almost as tall as the rest of the plant, so although its heartbreaking, maybe the ol girl will still produce a lil sumpin. Ty.