Can a feminized plant turn both male and female under stress

I am growing Super Lemon Haze which is 4 weeks into flowering. It’s fan leaves began to looked rusty. I thought it might be a deficiency but it turned out to be a rusty fungus which I treated with copper fungicide. Today I noticed 2 roundish balls in the crook of a few of the lower branches. I did remove all affected leaves before spraying. I am only growing one plant in a 2x4 tent. It was planted in new sterile soil, but reused a 3 pound cloth bag from a previous grow which also developed a problem. It was an autoflower. Therefore, I might have cross contamination going on. Have I caused it to turn male?


Plants don’t “turn male,” but you can have a hermie (hermaphrodite) where the plant displays both male and female characteristics. Hermies are often triggered by excess stress.

The balls you see may be swollen female calyxes. Female calyxes will have hairs protruding from it. Males have no hairs and are typically on a very short stem that stands out from the node by a few millimeters. Males may also have multiple calyxes at each node. A female plant will only have one on each side of the node.


Ok, thanks. I meant that, but couldn’t spell hemiorfidite.


What you have circled in the photo is certainly a female calyx.


Thank you Merlin. I just started growing my own medicine 2 yrs ago and have a lot to learn. But still learning. It’s fun.


Thanks for chiming in. I couldn’t tell.


I started growing in 2018 with no prior experience. I have had a number of successful grows with the tutelage and guidance of the many great growers on this site that freely share their knowledge with all of us.


2019 with no experience other than a few pathetic outdoor grows back in the late 70s. I joined the site in Nov 2019 and it has been a fantastic experience. The community here is awesome.

Aside from a pause for 6 to 9 months dealing with a legal risk in 2022, I’ve been here nearly every day.


You should double check to make sure these will be safe for consumption after treating with the copper fungicide. I feel like i used this on our lawn at work couple years ago and it wasn’t friendly with things planned for consumption. May not have been the same stuff, but I would definitely check the product you used if you haven’t.

Good point. I used Captain Jack’s copper fungicide, for organic

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I’m not in a position to tell you this is safe or unsafe. Reading the label it does say that it can be harmful if swallowed or inhaled. That being said it also has listed use for tobacco. So just be sure to do your research and use your best judgment before deciding on how best to move forward.

One thing I always consider when introducing things to cannabis is that smoking it introduces additional hazards to simply eating something like a fruit or vegetable. Like a chemical may be harmless until we light it on fire and inhale it. Especially when talking about metals.


Since I used it,”the fungicide”, sterilized the tent with 10% dilated bleach, the problem seems to be solved. Leaves and buds are doing much better. I check my plant frequently and might have caught it early, I hope.


I use dilute food grade hydrogen peroxide as a safe and effective fungicide. Make sure its food grade, the pharmaceutical grade from the pharmacy section can have stabilizers that aren’t safe to ingest. Just an idea for the future.