Can a broken stalk be repaired

One of my stalk’s broke about 8 inches from main cola.
I used splints and was able to make a good joint but everything above the splints is limp as a wet noodle.Still green and full of moisture.
How long does it take to recover or should I cut it off so energy can go to other colas?

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Not positive it will always work, but here’s a link to a suggestion to use a spiral wire type splint. I wonder if it would help to use grafting techniques. It would require you to cut both pieces so they fit perfectly and then use something like beeswax to hold them together. I read a book a long time ago that said you could graft a hops plant and a marijuana plant and have pot leaves on a huge vine.
Good luck.
Repair a broken branch

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If it’s limp and it is staying totally limp, it could mean it is not getting any fluids from below the break and the damage may be to severe for the plant to repair itself. When a break is that severe, sometimes it can be wrapped with electrical tape or duct tape to make a kinda watertight bandage to help make sure the moisture from below gets above, sometimes you can help the plant repair itself this way and in a couple of weeks the entire area under the tape could be filled and repaired with a kinda woody plant stem tissue. If it is not recovering from being limp after a little bit, then yes it should be totally cut off, and it could be planted like a clone and left to finish ripening or as stated above it could be grafted back onto the plant after some cuts to make a better connection. If it has been limp for too long, you may not be able to bring it back and just try and cure it and hopefully it has enough thc to make it worth while.

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At best, you can prop up and heal the top. MJ plants will heal under extreme circumstances. All advice above is about all we can say.

An old remedy for broken stems; Wrap the stem with tea, in gauze. Moisten this application in order to heal the joint.

Does it help to wrap foilage in a clear plastic bag?

Do you mean using a strip of plastic from a plastic bag? Sure, or some plastic cling wrap for food. For whatever reason duct tape seems to work really really well. It is likely that the adhesive in duct/duck tape actually helps heal the plant as it is a natural rubber product, as in the rubber tree sap/latex that rubber is made from, and this is used by the rubber tree to heal open wounds, kinda like clotting blood creates a scab. Also the adhesive was originally modified from a adhesive formula that is used on medical bandages.

I use gauze and adhesive tape. IN fact; If you can tie it up, bringing the break together, and leave it, and it stays in contact, you do not need any tape.

Easy cheap effective for minor tears and splits, for something more potent id get tree trunk wrap at Home Depot and get it moist and wrap with floral nylon rope, very thin.
Hope this helps

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