Camouflage leafs

anyone know whats going on here??
whitewidow autos. thrips? temps have been bit high 79 too 84 and humidity 50 to 60

sunraise 240 watt led at 50 percent.24 inchs away.

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Variegated is a common thing with weed plants. You are good its fine :slightly_smiling_face:


I have a doe-si-dos Autoflower that did the same thing from the day she popped out of the dirt and every new leaf had it worse than yours. You called it camouflage I called it marbling I’d say about 35 Plus days it grew out of it and stopped marbling. Looks just like what you have. If I had to use my better judgment I would say it was the same thing and it’s going to be okay :partying_face::seedling:

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Variegated. Normal anomaly. Harmless and I think cool!