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200 gallon ladies…

I hit them all with simply silica and bud ignitor yesterday. I just gave them 30 minutes from automated water system with filtered tap water. It got above 100 today, and I realized they didn’t get any water this morning, the valve was turned the other way. They suck up the water when flowering starts. Tomorrow morning they get another 20 minutes too.

I am most grateful :blush:


Went outside and took these of 200 gallon ladies…

100 gallon ladies here:

Topped 100 gallon Willys Wonder Skunk below in white


I’m along for the ride this time. The plants are looking great already!

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Welcome aboard :passenger_ship: :rainbow::evergreen_tree::fire::partying_face: 3 months today since dropping the beans in water.

We started 5 weeks later this year, trying keep them smaller than last year.


Untill growing becomes fully legal in NY I still try to keep plants as small as possible. A 100 gal dream pot is still 2 years away!
I have 5 regulars that were planted mid-June.

They are only in 5 gal pots…and this is more of a learning year for me.
I will be following your methods closely.
You’re plants kicked serious ass last year!


Thank you @Spiridly

I had poor outdoor germination rate in 2020, however, the ones that popped did well - I began germination under a Libra :libra: waxing gibbous moon phase, under an Aries :aries: :sunny: Sun , not ideal for germination, however plants that are harvested for their flowers do well started under a Libra moon.

Moon in an earth or water sign preferred, new moon or waxing Crescent moon phase, best, with sun :sunny: in a matching, fertile sign. Will help with higher germination rate.


White Widow x Skunk

More 200 gallon action.

ILGM Train Wreck

White Widow Skunk

Morning shot here, different angle.

Willys Wonder Skunk :skunk:

100 gallon action.

ILGM Fire OG in tan bag

Topped Willys Wonder Skunk :arrow_down: in 100 gallon bag…I’m not super cropping since I already topped her, letting her go for it :evergreen_tree:

I am most grateful folks :peace_symbol::four_leaf_clover:


Thanks for the links. Very interesting read. So right now we have a waxing crescent :crescent_moon:. My plants are due to be feed so now is a good time right?
Do you feed during the 2 weeks of waning? Or only give water

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Yes, good time to feed. With fertilizer less is more, and large amounts at once will stunt your plants, and cause stress.

Waxing Gibbous phase has greatest uptake of nutrients, it will start on 8/16.

I just received a delivery of more dr earth 7-3-1, and I will hit the plants with 1/2 strength doses tomorrow, and again on Sunday or Monday in anticipation of waxing gibbous. I’m going to throw in some bloom fertilizer - seabird guano - and power bloom Si too.

  • Waxing gibbous (the moon is bigger than a quarter moon and almost to a full moon) is when your plants will start pulling up tons of nutrients from the soil. Ideally, you’d want your cannabis plants to have some strong roots in place when this phase begins.

Next year I am planing on going 100% organic. I have chicken poop and compost decomposing right now. Unfortunately they won’t be ready until spring time. For right now I’m using Jack’s 3 2 1.
I noticed that you topped your plant. I’m assuming you did this because of the waxing moon phase giving the plant a faster recovery time.
My plants are ready to be pruned also. I was going to do it this weekend…now I guess I’ll wait 2 more weeks and then give them a good trimming, just in time for the natural flip


Actually. I accidentally topped 2 plants several weeks ago while trimming a nearby tree, a branch I was sawing fell and topped them. I yelled timber and they didn’t move, I’m grateful the injuries were not fatal. I have 2 topped plants, a Fire :fire: OG, and a Willys Wonder Skunk, both in 100 gallon bags. Part of me is glad they were topped so they don’t get too big.

I prefer super cropping over topping.



Hit them all with simply silica, power bloom Si, and bud ignitor this morning.
I moved 65 gallon Peyote Gorilla, and took her off the furniture dolly.

Yesterday morning, I top dressed, dr. Earth 7-3-1; Madagascar bat :bat: guano; 0-13-0; Peruvian seabird pellets, 12-11-2. Waxing gibbous moon phase starts tomorrow, and it will bring greater nutrient uptake, and these ladies can use it, they’re sucking up water like crazy.

Lemons sugar Kush x2 100 gallon bag. I will top dress grow and bloom guano tomorrow or Tuesday for them.

100 gallon ladies

I am most grateful folks. Thank you for visiting :four_leaf_clover::peace_symbol:


I hit them all with these supplements today.

The days are quickly getting shorter, and these ladies are getting busy, waxing gibbous moon phase helping.

I am most grateful folks :fire::four_leaf_clover::peace_symbol:


They are all looking so beautifully happy Big. You really have a way with the canna ladies.
I use the same fulvic so when I saw the big gallon jug I thought to myself, dang 5gats a lot of fulvic acid, it would take me forever to use that up.

Then I remember you have a lot of huge pots so you probably go through it.
Do you ever foliar feed with it? I just gave my pre flower girls a foliar with it 2 days ago. Did you know that fulvic acid molecules are small enough to enter into the plants roots without the plant having to do any active transport. Silly facts can be so fasinating to me. :nerd_face: :grin::v::green_heart:


I am definitely following along. I feed the plants last Saturday and gave them a supplement feeding yesterday ready for the waxing gibbous :waxing_gibbous_moon: moon phase. This last week the plants are out of control with new growth!
Does the moon phase have the same effect with autos?
My plants are starting to flower and need a good pruning. I know the best time to do this is during the new moon :new_moon_with_face: phase. Will it stress the plant if I prune while it is flowering? Or should I prune now?

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Thank you @GreenJewels

I’ve been using the same bottle of fulvic acid since last year.

I took these pictures this morning. We have had unhealthy air from the wildfires all day.

The Willys Wonder Skunk in 200 gallon white bag by the dog is really thickening up…

65 gallon peyote gorilla shaping up well…

I am most grateful :blush:


Good read below.

Good pictures here:


Thanks for all the help I really appreciate it.
Your plants are already looking good! It looks like those buds are about to explode!
Do you mix the liquid nutes together or feed them separately…that must take a while!

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I love your girls, they are so beautiful. They are handling that wildfire smoke well, they look happy.
Your pooch looks just like my friends farm dog, we call her crack nut. She’s finicky about who she likes. She thinks I’m ok because I being treats when I visit :grin:
They are gorgeous dogs. Have a great day @Big123 :v::green_heart:


Thank you @GreenJewels the dog is 16 months old, she is finicky too, and actually bites. She was rehomed to us from a family that never had a dog, they bought her from a breeder, and she suffered some abuse from the males of the household. Cocoa trusts me though and we are trying to keep her even though she is ready to throw down to the death with our other 2 perfect dogs over food or chew toys. We are trying to give her the strong leadership she needs.


Aww, you are so kind Big. That’s great you are trying to help her with her issues. Lots of people wouldn’t have even bothered. I have a dog with issues too, Buzz. Idk his history, he was picked up by the pound roaming the streets of a nearby town. You may remember my talking about him when he was trying to eat his own tail off. We had to have it taken off before he did it himself. After his vet visit, they doubles his doggie downer dosage :rofl: he showed the vet his true colors. I have taken him off those and put him on CBD instead and he’s much calmer. He has people trust issues but it’s gotten better. Thankfully my other dog is a huge sweetheart and rarely gets in trouble…week,there was that one seed eating incident a few months ago but who can blame him :grin:
You have a Big heart to go with your big buds :v::green_heart: