California Dream, very light spots on buds

Hey there, my California Dream girls are in the last several weeks of doing their thing. But there are a few things that concern me.

One is that there are a few very light areas on the buds, near the tips. Only on the most central buds and only on 3 or 4 of them. The pics don’t totally show it but on the pics showing the whole bud, the very tip of the bud is very light, almost white.

My light is an HLG 260rspec. It’s about a foot higher than the canopy and I’ve got it dialed back so that the very brightest lux reading I’ve gotten now is 40,000 lux. I’ve considered reducing the daylight duration down to 11 hours but wasn’t sure if I should. I had the light at 55,000 lux but the problem was seemingly increasing. There are two fans blowing slowly over top of the canopy and my humidity is roughly 48-52% right now. Temperature at the canopy is 72 at night at 82 during the day respectively. Exhaust fan going around the clock.

Could they be super sensitive to having over 40,000 lux? The buds that are outside of the brightest area have never received over 45,000 lux and seem to be the happiest.

From the pics am I in trouble with anything?

I don’t see much in the way of cloudy trichomes so I think I’ve got about 3 weeks or so but maybe I’m wrong. Help from this knowledge base would be incredibly helpful.


I figured I’d ask you folks about this group too.

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Any input is incredibly helpful

looks to me like the “white” spots you are talking about are new pistils that are emerging. Thats why they’re only on a few buds, the buds are maturing at different times. You have a little bit to go I think. I’m no expert but I’m sure others will chime in, best of luck !!


That is white pistils. Nothing to worry about.


The more pistils / stigma the better. Means more calyx = bigger buds


Should I crank the light back up to a higher lux?

Those pistols are newer, they’re pushing out new ones. There are quite a few throughout the tent that are older pistols.

I have no clue because I use HLG lights so no Lux rating.

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I got that number from my meter.

The white spots I’m referring to can just about be seen in the second picture down. The very terminal bud has a nearly white calyx, like the whole thing, not just the pistol. It’s like an albino calyx

If they look good to you all that’s wonderful!

Its normal…nothing else I can say.


Usually if it is a light intensity issue it shows up in the upper leaves. Burnt leaf tips and cupping / canoeing. I am not seeing any of that in the photos.
What is the recommended height above canopy? I have to have my lights at least 28" above or they are toast. If I am not mistaken HLG recommends around 24". At 12" the footprint is significantly smaller than the light is intended for. Therefore, the plants at the edges are receiving significantly less intense light. Is there any correlation between the location of the plants and the white you are talking about?


Yes, those plants that have this are the ones receiving the most light. I’ll raise the height and see where my light edge goes.

The buds outside of the most intense light are actually the ones doing best. But like I said above, the lux rating at the bud with the issue is 40,000lux. And a fan to move the air between the buds and the light.

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I pulled out my LUX meter for kicks. At 28" I am right around 30K at 12" it is 45-48K. I have kind of an odd light combination. Main light is Kind XL600 and to this I added 4 Pacific Light Co Photo Boost Strips. The boost strips are at about 75%.

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Gotcha! Very good information! You have good growth and development at those numbers?

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I think they look great. My lights are about 18" as the lower you go the more intense the inner buds get but the outer edges fail miserably

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