California Dream has purple leaves

From a fellow grower: cal dream
good ph
good soil
good temps day 80 night is 70
good humidty 48%
12/12 light
water every other day
Nutes for veg were fish fertilizer and calmag 1 x week
nutes for flower We’re calmag 1 x a week
Large bud leaves are turning purple
smaller buds leaves are green
rest of plant is green
6 feet tall
veg for 3 months
week 7 flower

should I increase calmag or add nutes?
should I flush?


Mine did same thing @Hellraiser said it was probably just genetics and some others said it might be a phosphorus deficiency

Never did find out for sure but I trust hellraiser and the plant seems fine otherwise


Are you adding any other nutrients other than cal mag? What soil are you using?

Cal mag help but does not have everything a main nutrient line does.

Plants usually Use up all the nutrients from the soil in 4-6 weeks. If you’re not replacing them the plants are hungry.

That being said purple is usually genetics. The purple can be brought on a little more by having a larger swing in daytime temps and night time temps. I believe upwards of 15 degree temp swings.

Looking good though!


I added some big bud for week 3-5 as well.
Soil was a home mixture. I have used this before with success.


Regardless of wether this is a P deficiency or not, I recommend a good bloom fertilizer. There are organic and synthetics available depending on your preference.

P deficiency: The older leaves will be the first to show signs of a lack of phosphorus – especially leaves located near the bottom of the plant. The symptoms will begin there and will move upwards. The affected leaves will turn a darker green, then will show purple and blue colors.

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Gotcha. I think she is looking good. I don’t mind the purple.

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Yeah I’m betting yours is like mine, in that other than the topmost leaves around buds turning purple, you don’t have any of the other signs of p deficiency

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Looks normal. Just genetics and cooler night tome temps. One of my last Gorilla Glues was all purple.


Not a Cal-mag deficiency. So I wouldn’t increase the dosage. :+1:


Oh that’s cool :sunglasses: very nice my brother :ok_hand::+1: