Cal Mag Expiration Explanation

In case someone doesnt know this is from amazon Q and A section:

Product warranty on nutrients and supplements is 1 year past the date of manufacture. Stable shelf life can run past this substantially if unopened, but this time greatly depends on storage conditions. Once a product is opened, it should be used within 6 months, or ideally- the time it takes to cycle a production garden which is typically 12 weeks on average. Opened products may last longer than this, but it should not be expected to be the case. see less
By Tech Support MANUFACTURER on August 23, 2019

They say 3 -6 months of stored at proper temps. I’ve actually called them and asked that same question.
By Sketch on August 23, 2019

I’m skeptical and have used the sole bottle I have ever owned over many grows for over 4 years. I don’t ever recall having a cal or mag deficiency. Botanicare (and any other company for that matter,) makes money by selling bottles of nutrients. Of course they are going to encourage growers to discard their product after 6 months.


i think youre just really good at what you do.

Is there a chemist in the house? @Graysin @JaneQP ?
I have no idea why CalMag (I use GH MalMagic) or what is in it to make it unstable or unusable after a period of time. That is have an expiration date.
Since changing to Jack’s CalMagic is just sitting in the cupboard since it isn’t needed with Jack’s.

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For whatever its worth. Im not going to run out and buy another bottle in 3 months. Im going to buy lime if that will work ( not sure) So the idea that its going to make me spend more on product is not the case here. And im not going to continue using it knowing its probably degraded, im probably going to dump most of it, im kinda upset but at least Ill let a few people know because i know this stuff is popular.

If you start using Jack’s you won’t need cal mag: just silica.


My floranova grow and bloom will start to harden up after open after about 6 months. Nothing a little water won’t fix

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Beardless. All I can think is that could be some evaporation over time and possible precipitation. When I worked in the laboratory a new QA person and we went round and round about expiration dates. Most inorganic salts don’t expire per se. he also wanted storage condition requirements for our 100+ chemicals! When I said room temperature he wanted a definition of room temperature.

I can be a real prick at times. I looked up the melting point of each chemical and put down to store at <1079F or whatever the melting point was. We did get a compromise on expiration dates. It was 5 years and then the container had to be inspected for signs of degradation and the date would be extended another 5 years.

I knew a bit of his background and
he had his employer throw out detergent that was past the 18 month expiration date.

We also also had to throw out our emergency water packets because they were over 5 years old. Water expires? Really?


Short shelf life is one of my problems with liquid organic nutrients. I have a cabinet full of Roots Nutrients that is a three years old now, and I am afraid to use them. When last used they appeared weak. You end up with weak nutrients but just as much salts as it had when new. But I will give Roots brand credit for printing the “made on date” on their products.
One should beware of super cheap nutrients online. Often the seller will be trying to dump old products. Before they are stuck with expired products. The sellers would rather you be stuck with an expired product than them.

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That sounds like when my wife throws out my horseradish sauce. I’ll tell her I just opened it (probably a year ago). Out it goes. She hates horseradish.



Thank god my wife never opens my horseradish jars - no reason to even look, she hates it too. :joy:

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Bread, i scrape the green spot and toast the bread. She tosses the loaf.

Bread, i scrape the green spot and toast the bread
:rofl: :rofl: :rofl:
@Myfriendis410 What brand silica do you recommend?..Ive never used it but want to this season.I want to switch to Jacks too…Give it a try. Ive used: FF & Bergmans so far…

I use Armor Si but most of them are Potassium Silicate. I use from final transplant most of the way through flower.

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@Myfriendis410 what silica do you recommend? ]

Answered above.

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Brand doesn’t really matter. All reputable brands are simple potassium silicate and are pretty much all the same. Stick with a known name and you will get a good product.

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I planted one tuber of horseradish about 20 years ago. I now have a 4x8 patch and can’t give it away fast enough! Maybe a free horseradish root with every seed or clone I share?


I’ll take one off your hands happily. Ginger, too, if ya got any!