C02 and temperatures

What are good temps when running c02 with a 400w HPS and two 1000w LED’s in a 48x48x80 tent, and when should I run it, start of daytime throughout veg, flower, first week of flower, all weeks of veg and flower? Starting out everyting seems so complex and unforgiving with hydro.
I’m thinking my room temps should look different than my leaf temps but don’t really know being Green Horn Gary with my crazy logic that usually makes sense to just me. Any help, suggestions and comments would be cool thanks.

That’s alot of light in a 4ftx4ftx6.5 ft. I would run it all weeks of veg into your final week of flowering. Or all the way through. Idk I dont run c02 so I wouldn’t know exactly but that’s my thought

Only during lights on and all the way through vegg and no more then 6 weeks into light flip…
And if your running dwc or rdwc , you need to make sure that your system or buckets are air tight… co2 in the water and in your roots will change your ph dramatically and can lead to plant death quickly… also make sure that your air pumps are not in the same area where the co2 is… :wink:


Awesome info makes sense, will straighten up a bit but close to those conditions now. Tanx

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