Buyers Beware: Sub-Quality Equipment is Purchased Everyday

More and more I see crappy equipment bought (lights, fans, filters, tents…)
The biggest problem we see from this…
advertisers claiming their products do more then they really can.!

We used to not have this problem, but A MAjor Zoo Of a Novelties company has flooded the market with sellers advertising products from every origin, some of the advertisements are even poorly translated, this ‘free market’ allows claims that can not be met.

These claims and advertisements are so strong they are persuading new growers against everything they see on grow sites and in grow books, unfortunately there are not a lot of grow books with good LED info in them, but that’s another topic.!

Hopefully a few noobies will read this and resist the temptations of big numbers on the package.!!
A little ‘extra’ spent in the beginning is usually money saved in the near future.!!

I know the cost of good equipment, but it is worth every penny.
Huricane fan, Can-Filter, regular hardware store timers…

HLG Quantum Boards, definitely not cheap, but, boys and girls, I am impressed…

Blue Lab pH pen, this is excessive, they say some $50 pens do just as good…

i think every ‘soil’ grower should have one of these,
a Moisture and Light Meter $20 or less at a hydro store or any gardening store…

added some pics for effect, sorry about the quality, spent all my money on grow equipment.!!


Your so right!!! I suggest do some research and ask advise from the pros here. They have been there and done that. Most times u get what u pay for. A lot of the time reviews that are posted are bogus. :v::call_me_hand: happy growing my friends :sunglasses:


@SlowOldGuy I love the fan and filter. I need something quiet and effective and don’t want to waste my money. Recommendations? There seem to be alot to choose from. I know I need a 6" and the cfm. Brand to buy or not to buy or build? Tx.



not so much bogus on purpose…
if it is the only light they have used it may seem great.!
“i have buds.!!” lol

hope this thread and your post informs a few members,
BEFORE they purchase Sub-Quality equipment


I was referring to reviews on websites selling these products not the people who bought them. I’ve heard of people that get paid to write fake reviews on sites like amazon.


This is good info. I have to admit I went cheap on my lighting because my thinking was “I don’t need a pound”. I started growing to help my wife’s insomnia. So, if I pulled an ounce I would be happy. It wasn’t until I started dredging through all the lighting topics on here that I realized lighting doesn’t just affect yield, but also quality. My 135 qb288v2 will be here Monday. I will finish this grow on the blurple, then the same seed will go in under the qb and I can compare results.


Don’t buy the Apollo horticulture 6" in line fan. Works good for about a week then it gets very loud. I took it apart and tried to tighten everything back up and it didn’t help


the Vortex S-Line 6" supposed to be super quiet and powerful using half the amps.
Vortex, Can-Fan, Huricane, and i think Hyper Fan all are still real good.!!
look at Sunlight Supply, Inc…!

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@SlowOldGuy if you compare the energy consumption of the AC Infinity, it’s more energy efficient, than the model you posted. Probably quieter too.


thanks Covert.!!
i m poor and stick with what i have to use, my fan is 15 yrs old.! LOL
i have a white bodied Huricane HO, 630 cfm, this is not even offered now.! LOL again,
a buddy got a Vortex S-Line and loves it, he used Can-Fan HO before then,

is the Can, Vortex, Huricane, and Hyper still good.?

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No clue, I have none of those.

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these guys rated HLG QB as best bang for the buck…