Bushy blueberry autos are shaping up

I have 2 autos in 1 5 gallon pot. Reused ffof soil. (Amended) they started from the get go being bushy. Never did anything to them other than scrog and nutes. Had a problem with them not turning to flower but I switched to 12/12 lights and added some flowering nutes. That seemed to work as it’s starting to show signs of flowering. They were started under 600 watt led. I added another 300 watt for more foot print as it was spreading. Once my other is done it will get my 1500 watt cob added in for some flowering power.

They also had a potassium problem but 2 doeses of epson salt in the water took care of it. I have no idea why both plants turned out to look like this. But I will try the same recipe for my next grow. Maybe it’s the soil. Maybe both in the same container. They are at least 6 weeks behind my other blueberry as it’s about ready for harvest.


Very strange but as long as they produce no harm no foul. They look healthy regardless.

If they double in size during flower I will be very well off. I was planning to train them when they were planted but I didn’t need to do much. I wasn’t able to give much love the past week. I need to clean up underneath.

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I hear ya there. I need to do the same.

ive seen this before with reused ffof, i think its due to build up from previous grow. it makes sense this would happen with residual bloom nutes in the soil

Where did you purchase that net? Is it specifically made for this purpose or did you alter it from something else. Been thinking about making my own but didn’t know if it would be the effort when I could just buy one.

Got it from amazon. Made for it and other plants.

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I’ve been having the same problem. Growing auto bushes, but no flowers. Last grow went 4 months and all I got was a few grams. Thought it might be the strength of lights intensity. Now under 4x QB304. I’m 9 weeks in hydro GH nutes 12/12 light schedule and my plants are happier than kids eating pie, 3 ft tall but np flowers! When will these bloom? Don’t want bushes, want weed. 3 different strains Blueberry Auto, Northern Lights Auto, Amnesia Haze auto (ILGM Auto Mixed pack).

Northern Lights

Amnesia Haze

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Always done 18 for my Autos. Full light spectrum as well. They do not respond like their cousins do to variable lights and such, at least not in my experience. Have done a bunch of Blues and they always grow at least a meter. Running the current batch with a full spectrum, 400 watt Vipar x 2, in a 4 by 2 grow tent. 18 hours, averaging 80 deg F, 10% Hawaiian Bloom with rainwater. Just past 40 days, has 9 colas, one a double head, main is 7 inches packed in. Sugar leaves are starting to show. Whole house has a wonderful smell. Ultra light LST… they grow so fast I hate to stress em much. I hope yours come trough in the end