Burned Pistils?

Hey Guys!

So I had the powdery mildew on this, my first outdoor grow. I was told to use “crop control” foliar spray at the end of the day. Which I did… and even kept them under a tent the next day just for precaution.

They seemed fine… but now I’m noticing what appears to be burnt pistons. I also realized I messed up and have no idea what week of flower I am on. I have also been using fox farms nutes. But am going to start flushing now.

But back to main question… do you think I’ve ruined the flower? Are they burned? Is there any advice you expert growers could give me? Should I just harvest now and forget the flush? I’m so devistated. I feel like the last 3 months of my life has been trying to keep these plants away from bugs, and disease… and now this.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks all!


Looks good to me, but someone with more experience will comment soo

Keep an eye out for seeds. The only reason I say that is your pistils in the 2nd and 3rd pic are only brown at the tips. This is an indicator of possible pollination.


Just a noob here but I’m guessing around 4-5 week of flower and also going to say it’s possible it got pollenated good luck

@Bonjoyle seems we thought alike about the seeding :joy:

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Brilliant minds and all that!! :nerd_face:

I am in agreement…it looks like you are gonna get some seeds

Brought back nightmares when I saw the title…Lol

Just poking a little fun…


Hahaha that is what I envisioned. Easy mistake :blush::v:


I was thinking, this guy must’ve really applied the nutes heavy and run the socks off her. :laughing:


Well I think I may have done the nutes hard…plus the crop control. If you zoom in they look very burned to me.

It’s my first time growing outdoors… and let’s just say next time I will go organic.

But interesting on seeds… how would they get pollinated if there’s no male marajuana plants around?

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Pollen from a male can travel very far! @Moxyman

How long have they been dark?


Also @Moxyman if you look at your most recent pic you have a prime example of why we are saying it may have been. It’s because the 2 white hairs are browning from the tips down! Atleast this is what lead me to believe such.

Did that to a Montessa 247 Coda. Pushed it a few miles home.


Not much help on the outdoor plants but maybe some others might be able to lend a hand.

@MeEasy @kaptain3d @JJ520 @Oldguy have any thoughts on the subject above?

Are you going by schedule or just precaution?
Do you have a picture of a whole bud and the plant itself?

Maybe not. Hang in there for a min.
How many plants?
Have you sprayed anything on them during the day?
Good luck and keep’em growin! :+1:t2::v::sunglasses:


That would my q too. @Moxyman
Did it happen right after the spraying or were they turning dark before that ?


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What is in the “crop control” spray you used? There are a lot of things you can use to kill white powdery mildew, easiest is diluted milk and water. Another is 1 shot glass of regular household ammonia to 1 litre/quart of water. Sprayed at dusk so the sun doesn’t burn them.
Your buds look fine, they may be pregnant, or maybe the spray you used curled the tips of the pistils. Let them ride out another 5 weeks until they are finished, and just make sure you do a good bud wash with hydrogen peroxide and water, then rinse with plain water, hang and dry.

But to answer your questions…No, you haven’t ruined the flower. No, they are not burned (they may be pollenated). Keep them growing and don’t flush.

And yes, pollen can travel 10 miles in a wind. The joys of outdoor growing!

Grow on, growmie!


Thats nuts

Yep, but true! You don’t want to be growing downwind from a hemp farm!

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I agree with this. Only times I’ve seen them look like this is when I pulled some seeds out of plants.