Bunger64 Experiment#420

Hello out there in this wonderful grow forum, first I do understand that I can Journal all this but I get started and never return. I have been doing a little research about a mother plant for clones, I’m still not sure of much but it is interesting. This is Maude she is a AK-47 Photo that was planted in it’s home pot on 2/16, she was harvested 5/24. I had a couple of friends ask about a mother plant so I saved the main plant stems after the harvest. I had 3 that we were going to experiment with. Not sure what has happened to the others but I put mine in the dark for 3 days then back in the seedlings area 6/28 (and I also transplanted to a bigger pot) that I have on a 18/6 light cycle. I have now moved her up to the flower area 7/29 still not sure but I gave her a trim she had a lot of little branches gone crazy. Okay I just think it’s interesting how she is changing so quickly back to flower not sure what to expect but she’s covered with little bud sights. I know I carry on but I love to share my experiences and learnings.

. I was able to get 4 small clones off of her that seem to be surviving, time will tell


Hey @Bunger64 your doing it like a pro. That crazy growth post flower is referred to as Frankenstein plant. Brought back to veg after flowering and goes kinda crazy with growth everywhere.
You capture your clones from the new growth and not a flower site.
That’s why I love Photoperiod plants.
If you capture your clones pre-flower you can have a flowering clone every three months. Just capture your clones before flowering, during your 18-6 veg period.


@LateNightGardner yes the ones im trying are from the veg stage she did go crazy, reminded me of the lady with snakes coming out of her head. I like the Frankenstein thought kind of how alot of my items are created.

These 3 are the survivors of my cloning experiments. Its all a fun learning process.

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