Building a new grow room, help/advice wanted

if it has to be bigger than that no problem

I’m not following your numbers. You have 4 tables/spaces/whatever you want to call them. You’re not going to fit 4 of anything 6’ into a 10x9.5’ room.

yes sorry, i knew i should have woken up first before trying to be intelligent. yes, each light covers a 4x5 area sorry

i probably should have thought this out a bit more before asking questions, basically now, looking for what i need to build a light to cover a 4x5 area in flowering stage. if i can keep the framework of that light under 4x4 to fit into a 4x4 tent in case i need it would be beneficial, but not necessary.

So you’re only giving yourself about a foot and a half to walk between and work on plants? I would maybe look closer to doing something like 3’ for an access area. Once you get mature plants on those tables even 3’ will seem tight.

i am not sure if i will build tables, so my isle will be determined by plant size. 18" will be tight, maybe i could build the other side with a 3’ wide canopy to give me a 2’6" isle when i get to that point, not great, but workable? that is also assuming i have all plants of the same maturity and flowering at the same rate both sides. if i get that good i am probably taking over the 26x30 barn 2nd floor anyway. :slightly_smiling_face: :slightly_smiling_face: part of the reason for wanting a 4’ wide canopy to start with

i may also find a 4 x 10 flowering area is enough for me to keep up with, and never get to building the other side. who knows, i have been distracted from bigger things before, lol

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Exactly what I was thinking. You said would be on wheels so I assumed tables or similar.

My thinking here is that if you were 3’ deep you wouldn’t really follow end to end model at all. You could just build more squarish fixtures with a single row of strips side by side on single driver, that would ultimately cover 3x 3-3.5’

You are starting from scratch, so you could do about anything you want. You just have to paint picture in your head that makes the most sense to you. If you settle on space and which leds you want to use, I can figure something out.

how about something like this?, maybe a canopy on both sides, 3’ wide? i could add scrog nets to them like this, and have plenty of room to move around. maybe this makes more sense. and gives me good access to the windows. it looks easier to maintain this way. and probably a good chunk cheaper.

and i meant the lights will be on some sort of trolley system so i can move them side to side if need be. but i am not really seeing a need to do that if i set it up this way?

as far as what led’s i want to use, i have done a good bit of reading and am not near closer to knowing what to use there than i started. i am hoping for some guidance there. :slight_smile:

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This is what I was thinking. Good growers with a little experience can pull a pound per harvest on 3x3 tent. That would put you at 5+ 3x3’s, I’m assuming plenty of canopy?

perfect, i like it, everyone here likes it, i think it is a winning plan !

so 6x3 on west wall, 9x3 on east wall ? that gives me 5 lights to make to cover 3x3 sections for each light ?

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That’s what I would do.

i think we have a winner then !!

i have purchased the wagos, and have the 18 ga wire and working on the 1x1 aluminum angle. that is about it as far as what i know i need for now. i’ll order the heatsink aluminum as soon as i know what size to get. i just need to find a good recipe for the 3x3 lights. I would like to build 2 or 3 asap with a budget of about 1K for strips and drivers, does that sound like i could get something that will work well ?

i am not going to be able to hold off on the ilgm sale, so will have 15 or 30 seeds coming, trying to resist on 2 mix packs, but i cant decide between them, lol fun days ahead !!

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Depending on strips you use will be close, especially already having some of the stuff. I’m betting you could do for sure if you went with cutters strip constant voltage driver. That would require you to wire in parallel, which I’m not a huge fan of for DIY newbs. But it would work. I would still prefer the series wiring with plc strips, but not sure they are available.

id rather wire in series as well. if i have to go over budget no huge deal, i am not opposed to building 2 with some extra parts for a 3rd one as well so i don’t have to sacrifice much if any on quality.

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It’s like 8 photo boost strips per hlg-320h-c1400. For three fixtures three drivers, 24 strips, and 24 2’ heatsinks. Then you just need thermal tape, hardware, wiring, frame materials, and connectors. Shouldn’t be too hard to price out.

looking at the cutter site now. i think i am on a list of the 560 strips. most of them said veg seed clone, shop and some had some others, found the SSK-1560ZGE-35-2835CR they were the only ones i saw that were labled as flower. that 1 is also then broken down to more strips in different color spectrums, only the 4k spectrum there is labeled flower. am i getting closer to what i want?

3500k with 660nm is what I bought.

I just checked. Plc strips are available for pre order. If you want them, don’t wait…

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thank you drinkslinger, am hoping to make an order tonight if i can. the 1 dbrn32 mentioned was the other i looked at, and if he uses them, i dont think i can go wrong. do we have any preferred vendors, site sponsors, or anything like that here?

i also noticed on that list i mentioned earlier about those strips, 4/5 of them say G bin on them. is that the bin designation you talked about earlier, top to bottom bin led chips ?

tried this code at 1 site tonight, Coupon “420” does not exist! i tried… lol

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If you want to wire in series go with the plc strips. In order to build with cutter strips for fixtures you are looking at would need two drivers and more strips. I ordered from cutter because they were in stock and cheaper, and I planned at running much lower current. My light will cost about $300 to build but will only be about 160 watts.

@dbrn32 have received confirmation from PLC photo boost strips and heat sink order(s) are on there way