Building 1200 Diode 15watt light for 30 bucks

So this was a bet , an turned out to work so well I upgraded it a little bit … I did have a 1x2 frame that was less then sturdy… pvc frame, leds off Amazon. T5 ( returned items ) 6.99 lol. I cutting the cover off … wasn’t really worried about the smudge :yum:
Basic zip ties… 11 strips in all 100 per strip rough 15watts … Working so good I’m going to build another to cover my 5x5 maybe. Fux meter almost 13000. The marshydo t1000 at 20in is roughly 13750 . An being this isn’t the first time I have used them , we had really nice harvest last summer… Was most pleased.
Mass quintiles of consumables…