Buds with so many seeds!

Ok short and to the point…
I’m growing some clones and some seeds from ILGM… I screwed around and left the door open a few days and now boom, seeds. I’d say probably 70 percent of the run has them. I mean some of the buds are FULL of seeds.
I would take a Pic but they’re in dark now.
I’m growing in a coco/fox farm ocean mix, indoor of course, and Temps are between 62 in dark and I’ve seen high as 85 (but not for long at all) during light.
Questions are, besides running concentrates what to do with all these seeds? Will they likely be female aka usable or should I just run them all as concentrates?
I’ll post pics tonight during light

You could take a picture now. If its already full of seeds turning on the light long enough to take a photo won’t hurt it. Because its already past the worrying phase.

sorry those are not visible.