Buds Rot'n while plant is still growing?

My auto flowering plants are still growing & the bottom 3/4 is bud’n 4@ least a month. Nice big thick colas: I’m in SWFL it’s rain’n every day. Now I’m gett’n bud rot on some buds. Should I harvest the bottom now before I lose more buds. Remember the damn thing is not done growing on top 1.5’ of plant

@Crad. Pictures would help.
But usually if you have bud rot then a quick harvest is a must or it will all mold.


Are you sure you don’t have worms.
They will make the buds die as the eat away.
Just a thought

Safer brand caterpillar killer. Worms are the cause of bud rot. BT. The worm stops eating once he eats some. As a precaution spray the plants at the start of flower once the weather starts to cool moth eggs start to hatch. It’s safe and has no harmful chemicals in it