Buds not dried need advice

I have my buds Jared up for but 3 weeks it appears that not all the buds are dry as I want them. What would be the best way to finish the drying process? Should I open the jars and put them into Brown paper bag for A-day or so?

Yes,you can open them for a few hours each day until you reach the point you want, just don’t let them over dry.


@Weedlover1 so leave them in the jar?

No,you can dump them out to dry if you want.@jack181


Depends, if they are close I tilt the jar on its side and leave the lid off for awhile. Hour or two. If they aren’t that close I will dump them out on something with air access all around like an oven pan with the thin part with slots on top. And blow some air over them. (Fan on low)


I’ve opened the window an pulled the screen out & used it for drying a bit more. It happens quickly (few hours depending on how moist) so watch em close don’t over dry



thanks for the advise ! i ended up open the jars and left them over night. was just about right when i got in from work! :slight_smile: i got [Boveda 62% packs in each jar and a Humidity Meter in each jar and they are hitting at 62% - 64%. buds feel good not to dry. looks like they need to be cured further …