Buds much smaller this grow

My 4th grow. First three were good and I learned some things. Growing indoors with two plants per grow, one Super Skunk, one White Widow Auto.

Last grow I got bud mold and super cleaned 5 gal pots and 55 gal plastic containers. I use 55 gal plastic drums. I replanted with Black Gold to which I added worm casings and perlite and gravel base.

Grew the same as before. Fertilize with fish fertilizer and water with pH adjusted tap water, same as always.

The buds on the last grow were very small. Maybe 2 inches long and skinny on both plants. Could the new potting medium cause small buds or maybe residual cleaning compound, chlorine based kitchen/bathroom cleaner cause this. I rinsed the crap out of the 5 gal buckets and drums and left them in the sun for a few days.

It’s odd because each plant has its own drum and bucket so the only thing common is the soil.

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Was it new soil or did you reuse the old soil?

I bought new soil. Wasn’t sure how mold was transmitted and didn’t want to take any chances

How was your RH in the grow tent? Thats a biggie in the prevention of bud rot. Also somewhere in the crevices of my brain I see a black gold bag & it sez time released ferts. an if my thought is right thats not a pot freindly soil. Probably wrong on the dirt & time relsease but the RH should be 50% or below for flowering.

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You could be right about RH. That was another change I forgot to mention. I use a 4 inch computer fan on the barrels. When I had bud rot I just used top hole and 3 inch hole at the base of the barrel to ventilate. This grow I cracked barrel top 1/2 inch in addition to fan ventilation.

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