Buds just halted. Why?

Ok was on last week had to toss one of the girls. Now I have another one just stopped doing anything. Switched 12/12 36 days ago. Got a hydro 420 light with 2 additional 600 led. Temps run 76 with 40 rh. Feed is ph to 5.9. Now did have scrog but had to remove to get the other out. So anyway the plant looks exactly as it did almost 3 weeks ago. Getting pics now

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Looks like they have a little nitrogen burn but not to where it would shock em. What are you feeding them? They do slow about this time but many things can cause a problem. We’ll need alot more info to be much help. Why did you have to throw one out?

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From those pics they look about done. What are the trichs looking like?

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Ok one grew balls so yanked it. I had a serious ph problem and threw the bitch all out of whack. She hermed out on me. Now the ph is under control and the heavy flush looks like the nitrogen issue but pretty sure it’s all the watering. I use golden tree, the Humboldt line. And trich are just now showing. The have literally done nothing except shed alot of lower leaves

That all sounds normal and they’re getting close to being done. You’re saying that they just started making trichomes or do you mean that the trichomes are starting to change? 36 days seems pretty soon and time wise you should have about 3-6 weeks to go. Again it’s normal for them to slow at the end especially after going through stress

They just started showing trich. Hopefully not close to done bc it will probably be trash. Just started aroma like last few days.

That’s definitely not normal trichomes normally show up within the first three weeks after switching to 12s. The only thing I can figure is that they were stunted by the ph problems that you had or they were pollinated and are concentrating on making seeds. If that’s it they’re not going to grow a lot more so all you can do is let the seeds form and mature so you can grow them making this crop not a lose because you get free seeds. The seeds will be feminized because you had a hermie but you will have to watch the plants that come from them because they’ll have the hermie gene. If they didn’t get pollinated they should snap out of their shock and start growing again… These are just my opinion without being there to see em and make a true judgment I’m pretty much guessing by what you have told me

I was just looking again at your buds and for you having some problems with ph they seem to be just a little behind, hopefully they didn’t get pollinated and will catch back up. You said 36 days and that’s about the same time as I switched to 12s on 9/9. Mine are just a little ahead of yours and the training is different on mine but that comes with experience. Just give em time

Yeah I hope she ok. I guess either way I need to just follow it out? Surprised she made it this far. I mistakenly was ph the water to 8. Rookie mistake. Thanks for taking the time to help me out. Will update in couple days

Good luck come back w a smoke report

This browning along the edges is caused by overwatering.
As the plant gets closer to the finish line they start to need less water.
How much are you watering…?


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Yeah I figured so bc I did a heavy flush to correct my ph normally about a gallon every 60hrs or so

Flushing is fine…but you have to let the soil dry out before next watering or even flushing again. That edge burning is all over as seen from the top view picture. Im sure it will recover ok with proper watering.

Yes it actually looks alot better as of today. And will for sure water less. They were under the scrog so couldn’t lift pots to check for weight

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This was this morning

When you flushed em you did what you were trying to do and washed away all the excess food (salt) causing your problems but now they look a little hungry so you’ll need to feed em. I would go about half the bottle recommended amount at first then see what change you get and go up or down from there

Oh ok bc I added no nutes or anything. Just ph water. First thing in the morning when lights come on I’ll feed her. Thx

Yeah see how lime green your leaves are they should be darker but not as dark as they were up there when you made this post. Like I said just start with a lite feeding and watch what happens and adjust your food by the leaves color. here’s a pic that explains the meaning of the numbers (if you need it) on plant food N-P-K is always the order of the numbers on it even the stuff for your grass, roses Etc