Budget growin question

I was wondering some of my friends are saying oh you don’t have the best this the best that but I have adequate and at least enough in numbers to wear if I give the plant what it needs I should be able to pump out some good numbers grams per watt even though I don’t have thousand-watt this super duper that micros pretty Frankenstein together but I was wondering if you have seen people here with truly macgyvered situations have outstanding results as long as proper care and due diligence was taken .thanks

I’ve seen a few people here getting good results with mcgyvered setups. One can spend a lot, or a little depending on your level of ingenuity. Lighting however is one area it’s tough to skimp on.


Got a 400 HPs to the left a little
And 175 mh full spec. And a 150hps right next to each other to get where the 400 is lacking so I got 725 total right in middle all 3 hit so it’s pretty distributed if I do everything right in soil everything is super cropped and plenty of tine in veg recovered you think I can get a pound out if there I’m very meticulous

The biggest thing I’ve learned here is that there’s no set in stone rules for growing. Everyone does it different with different budgets and different styles. You’ve got plenty of light for your space and HID lights are still heavily used in growing so there’s no lack of good light with them. Heat is the only reason I went the more expensive route. Down south it’ll be hard to keep my temps in control during the summer without adding the high temps of HID.

I’m in an outside shed with my portable ac at a cool 74f in s. Florida

I made a 13/sq ft cavity in the wall I have a 200 sq ft ac I can put 2 1000 HPs in there and still get it to 70 I bet… I had down to 68 in there for shits a gggls in August so that’s no prob lol but if I do everything right from flower flicking on is my Lb. Seem far fetched

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I am still working on getting setup. Limited budget is taking me forever. But from my reading here 1 gram per watt is attainable if everything goes right even higher. So you should be able to hit that although I think it’ll get crowded in your room trying to.

Yea I had 18 have a few away and put a few unwanted to watch suspected early check males ( I was right on the one outsider ) the other wasbujus deformed bag seed I just pulled male out of final 12 and a runt just shooting fan leafs up in the air cuz it cant keep up .

that’s the male I chopped it up and froze it I’ma try and extract suuumbthing out of it for the hell of it was 3 ft tall I was reading and males have a little extractable use. Any way yea I’m I got 10 left in about 11sq f excluding ac from the but there all s.cropped to about 2.5 ft nicely spaced


They look great.

To right is the male in bottom pic

What do you mean by macgyver? My whole setup is macgyver from the air intake box I built to the lights I use for veg and flower.

I’m currently trying to grow in a 4x5 space with 400 watts of light.

I literally had to borrow money to get started so I learned to be very thrifty. I also learned that you simply can’t avoid using good light if you want good weed. Sounds like you have plenty of good lighting and that’s a good start.


Yea looks adequet to me but show me some numbaaaas I wanna see them legit mcgyver gram /watt ratios. Give me some more hope people plz I even consider first time tenters to be my gyvered unless u purchased a 1000$ package . I

Oooo MacGuyver setups, I’m in!!!

Diy humidifier and AC

3 autos gave 10 zips and 2 more in larf

Then I built my light


That’s exactly what I wanted to see brother thank you thank you thank you I really need to hear that and see that I’m going to go even harder then before

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I have been building stuff and adding to each grow over the last 5 years. I just tackled one problem at a time. Humidity too low :white_check_mark: Tent too hot :white_check_mark: Controllers to control those 2 :white_check_mark: Power bill too high running AC & 4 blurple lights :white_check_mark: & :white_check_mark: