Budding but now vegging again- help please

Ive got a BGL plant outdoors that was coming along nicely and started budding well but not ready yet. I thought it seemed a little early for it but hey no big deal. But now it seems to have turned on me and starting to creep up again on the top of the buds. Do I just leave it? I’m worried about rot in the buds if I do, or do I just leave it??


We need to know when this was placed outdoors, as well as you proximate location (please don’t DOX yourself)


My first thoughts looking at the picture. (revegging) why would revert back to @KeystoneCops posted questions. Nice plant, beautiful Rolling Hills.

Planted out late October early November, location Australia.

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For Northern hemisphere growers, that’s basically early May. But Australia is a big continent, so are you in the north, middle, or south? My question is really about your day-length, and if it’s less than 14 hours of daylight. It would be helpful to look at your avg. day-length for each month since November.

Just a note: I have no clue what BGL is.


I second this. That view!


BGL is Bergman Gold Leaf i would say about 16 hours or more light at the moment.

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Well see heeah’s the problem, mate.

Some plants will flower with 10 hours of darkness, but 12 hours of darkness (out of 24) seems to reliably initiate flowering. I asked about the day period over time, not just the current.

I can’t say for certain what you should do. Sometimes things are just a total loss. You planted a scotoperiod-sensitive plant at the wrong time, and as a consequence it ceased flowering prematurely and returned to vegetative growth. At least that seems to be the case; you’re in a better position to say.

I haven’t encountered this myself, but I’d try harvesting a little bit of flower from the top, middle, and bottom of each plant. Note what’s what. Dry that as you normally would, and try it out once it’s ready (~10 days when done properly). If it gives you a desirable effect, then harvest the desirable flower. I’d strip all the remaining undesirable flower off the plant and toss it. Then let the plant continue growing. You need to figure out what your day period was when your plant started flowering, and determine when it you’ll match that again. From there, looking 10 weeks forward, check the anticipated low-temperatures. If it looks like it will be too cold, you could either do some season extension (hoop house) or light deprivation to start the flowering weeks ahead of the natural course.


I’m hardly the last word on this, but I don’t know who else to ask. I just know that some cultures harvest cannabis as a perennial, and it’s an option in your case.

Hopefully you have a jeweler’s loop to get a good look at the trichome maturation. If you see cloudy trichomes and a bit of amber, you ought to be okay to harvest.

I’ll also throw out there that if the flowers are ready, you can just harvest the whole plant and start another. And that might be safer since this plant might have been stressed by the light cycle confusion.


Weird im in Australia and i planted oct 15 we had a month of cloud cover was crazy but my plants are just starting to head now ,ive had plants do this not much you can do just leave them and keep close eye on them .