Bud stretch please help!

Why is this happening? I did change my lights i got se7000 spiderfarmer and i did add uva lights that i left on for full 11 hours for 2 weeks but i feel like i saw the bud strech b4 i did that??? Anythoughts?


Looks genetic. :face_with_monocle: What strain? Landrace cross?

Is it only happening on top colas, or everywhere?

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I use the same light and bar, what are you seeing that’s concerning you exactly?

Strange, almost looks like they are trying to reveg

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Exactly def no light leaks and rhats what i thought as well so i switched to 10 hours i just realized this on my ilgm mkultra as well hermie no im wondering 8f they got pollinated cause its all the ones i put in recently!!

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That sure looks hermied pinch those off or get rid of plant.


If all the plants are under the same light, there’s good chance the taller ones are getting waaay more light then the lowers. What is your dli at the top of the tallest, and the top of the lowers.

I dont know i have been saving up for par meter i just upgrade my lights in tents i made a bunch of cuttings in a clone machine of few different strains i grew and they all cloned and now im just trying to finishish off all the plants been soooo much work and i threw handful of a few plants that were together with a hermie i was curious to see what the plants became long story short be fore i realized it had waay to many lol so definitely did not get same attention no lst or supercropping i just defoliaged twice! Just weird that half stretched and half didnt its different strains at different plant heights on different sides of the tent with different lights on either side i did put uva30 lights bars on oneside and left them on for like two weeks with the normal 12 hour schedule till i found out only for cppl hours a day with uva (i thought only uvb had to worry)

Every where sides and main colas… im baffled on what it could be so confusing!

Strains are blue dream,godfather og,la confidential, purple punch think those are the ones stretching…what are all the reasons to cause buds to seperate and stretch like that ?

There’s an app called Photone. A lot of people use it on here. It’s not as accurate as an expensive meter. But it will give a baseline you can go off of.

Also had a couple of nights that I didn’t turn on the “dry” function on the AC. So i had humidity spikes of about 60-70% I saw the plants stretching more those nights than any other night! And when I looked it up. I found info Stating that high nighttime humidity can promote stretching. Just a thought. :metal:t5: Keep at it! The more problems you encounter and overcome the BETTER GROWER YOU WILL BE!

Thanks a bunch and yea i got like no humidity in the tent its my final flower tent i keep it dry as i can the lesss humidity later in flower more trichomes!! And ill def check out that app thanks!

Dr. Bruce Bugbee on YouTube has some GREAT VIDEOS! Explaing DLI and a lot of other things! I found his videos to be a great source of information. A MUST WATCH! Its helped me so much.

Yes i just recently watched that few weeks ago was really knowledgeable! Thats how i found out bout uv lights! I also bought much more powerful lights…to much light cant cause stretch can it? Cause i also am getting leaf burn it looks like? I just moved all plants around tall on one side short on the other…

This is the other side of tent see the leaf burn… its not nute burn ( i dont think) cause i flushed and just used mycos and beneficials for cppl weeks then back to flower mix… i have been switching up nutes hear and there cause of running out and trying to use up some of the many many nutes i have…

I dont believe excees light causing stretching.