Bud or seed help

Happy Fri all just got a quick question
Strain is Pink Berry she is 80 days old growing in Promix HP 3 weeks in true flower not 12/12 switch
RH is around 35% becuse of the Critical Mass in same room (prone to mold)
temps are 70 lights out and 84 lights on
600 watt HPS far enough away that my hand does not feel hot
2 dyson air movers running 24/7
Nutes are UCann abundant bloom 2-7-7 (dry)
Water is 5.8-6.0 ph (Promix Hp)
Feeding is 2 light tablespoons apprx every 9 days depending on water needs
Here is my pictures i need help with
Big bud or seed???
Thank you all for the answers
Still a noob here and grower

Also missed she is in a 5 gallon fabric pot
And younger girl was LST a bit

I’m afraid I can’t tell with those pictures.

Hope this is better

I don’t see any reason to be concerned, based on what I’ve seen.

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Pic of rest of plant? Or is the only incident? Def looks like a seed and if you flipped three weeks ago that to me seems pretty developed. If you see more might be concerned but like he said if just one keep an eye out. Unfortunately, not by choice, I’ve become educated in the world of herms and other male parts

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