Bud a little brown

Hi. Need some help. My buds turned a little brown after drying. Why don’t they stay that beautiful green? What is the brown ?


Botrytis cinerea?? Anyone else?

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What’s that ?

What was your drying humidity? Good airflow during drying?

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Drying humidity around 60%. I have a fan going in the cabinet it’s in but not pointed directly at it

Bud rot, how many days drying?

6 days. Is that too long ?

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6 days. Is that too long ???

No, honestly that’s very short, you probably had it before drying and it spread during the dry.

How long is the average dry ?

Really depends on what part of the country you live in and what climate you are trying to fight but low and slow is the key, 60 degrees 60 percent. 10-14 days to preserve the most terpenes.

Anything below 68 is considered acceptable.

The outside of the buds seemed so brittle. I’m in the northeast. Drying in a huge cabinet in my basement.

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The outside will always seem crispy while the inside is still too wet, it takes practice.
The stem should make an audible cracking sound while staying together. You can always use a wood moisture meter to test. 10-12%

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@Autos-only my meter came in last night.

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Awesome! Which meter

ERICKHILL Wood Moisture Meter with 3-Color Backlight, Pen-Type Digital Moisture Detector, Pin-Type Water Leak Detector Mold Detector for Wood, Firewood, Brick, Drywall, Paper, Floor, Plaster https://a.co/d/2pYTEl9

Mine did to but I’m not really sure how to use it :rofl::rofl: humidity says 9.2%. That can’t be right. Have it set to Wood. Not sure what’s going on.

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I got a moisture reader. Keeps coming back at less than 10%. Not sure if I’m using it right. Any suggestions?

What’s done is done unfortunately, my thought is you had this in beginning stages before harvest and spread during the dry.

Well for my next plant do you think these conditions are ok. 71 degrees. 50% humidity. Fan in cabinet. Is that ideal conditions ? I don’t want to fuck up another drying

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