Bubbly looking leaves?

How is this caused? Too hot of air? I did have a temp spike the other morning (9/21) it got to 83F from 73F and was probably there for 30 mins or so before i got to it. I also made a couple of small changes the day before the spike. I lowered the light about 4” from 30” to 26” and added a circulating fan. To move the air between the light and canopy a little more effectively.

Yesterday evening i put the light back to 30”. Am I dealing with light/stress? Or is this something else? Thank you!

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Strain; ILGM White Widow Fems

Soil: Coco/Perlite (~80/20)

Ph: 6.8 runoff (ik im having issues, working on those) happily accepting advice!

Using Fox Farms Trio and Botanicare calmag


18watt cfl
Spider Farmer SF4000 for veg-flower once it arrives.

Temps; 73-77
Humidity; ~60%

Ventilation System; bathroom exhaust fan ( probably like 60cfm)

Probably just a little high in nitrogen. It’ll grow out of it.

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Its on my newbie as well. No nutes on her yet

Could be RH too. I’ve had them look like that, I didn’t worry that much.


Ok. Ill give it a few days and just watch things better. Thanks!

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