Bubble Gum Flowering But No Fragrance?

I have a Bubble Gum photo growing outside in a 5-gallon pot.
I planted her in early June as a late-season experiment.
She gets full sun in the morning and is in shade during the afternoon.
She started flowering about 2 weeks ago and the buds are developing nicely.
She is happy and appears very healthy.
I’m in Central Texas and it has been extremely hot, so I keep her well hydrated.
When she started budding, I started moving her indoors at night to cool her off and give her 12-13 hours of dark.

Should I be concerned that she is not giving off any fragrance? I have never had a plant with no bouquet.

Feedback or guidance would be appreciated.


Genetics plays a huge role in aroma and I’ve found that 80% of the plants I grow don’t have strong terpenes. You will also see that some days the plant is very stinky and others, not so much.

You could add some Epsom Salts for the sulfur which can help with aroma. Something like Floralicious Plus could also be used in flower.

Thanks for the prompt response. I really appreciate the feedback!!

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